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Cascadia Needs You!

Auto wanted for Biscuit Alliance Campaign vehical
Cascadia Needs You!

Or at least your car. Are YOU one of the many looking to reduce your impact on the planet and do something for the last of our remaing
old growth timber stands? You can help, You might not have much time now that you picked up a second job to pay rent. You might not have much money since the Bush administration tanked the economy. But you may have an old subaru or pickup you havn't been able to get rid of or are ready to trade out for that new biodiesel you've had your eye on. Well, whatever the case Cascadia needs you! The Biscuit Alliance is seeking
a new campaign vehical. Light trucks, 4wd type running vehicals perfered. All inquirys suggested.

Please call Chloe at *(503) 230-2072
or email -----------------  go_feral@excite.com

Possible tax deduction / rebate available [please inquire for details]

phone: phone: 503 230-2072

SCAM! 01.May.2005 19:50

A biscuit activist......

Do not listen to anything this person at  go_feral@excite.com says. They are *NOT* a representative of ANY Biscuit Alliance and they ARE trying to scam off of people generous enough to donate to the environmental movement.

I would have to add... 04.May.2005 00:15


That the author dosen't seem very representitive of Cascadia as well.

But if the author is serious about biodesil then I gotta' give 'em props.