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LinuxFest 2005

LFNW is the showcase for what Northwest Linux users are doing with Linux and open source software. It's a place for Linux enthusiasts to get together to share their passion for what good software can do.
The Bellingham Linux User Group  http://www.blug.org presents the 6th annual Open Source Software Fest on Saturday, April 30, 2005, from 10 am to 5 pm. Attendance and parking are free.

Linuxfest Northwest is a collaboration of the Bellingham, Tacoma, Seattle, Kitsap Peninsula, Victoria, and Vancouver BC (Linux), and Seattle (BSD) user-groups. Bellingham Technical College  http://www.btc.ctc.edu is the host, at the campus on Lindbergh Avenue, just off Marine Drive.

A sampling from our speakers illustrates the range of topics covered:

* George Dyson: von Neumann's universe - Local polymath researcher explores the comprehensive foundation the mid-century pioneer built under his vision for computing.

* DeeAnn Leblanc: Linux for Dummies - B.C. tech journalist, gaming resource and veteran software guide leads seekers to the world outside the (shrinkwrapped) box.

* Cooper Stevenson: How to build a cluster - Oregon IT consultant, and tireless penguin ally shares his recipe for combining multiple individual PCs into a single powerful unit.

Other expert presentations scheduled include digital photo editing, mastery of the terminal's command line, a new way of using PCs to view TV selectively, computer recycling, and open source in accounting, education and healthcare. There is a panel discussion on security, and more technical subjects covered include BSD, firewalls, Mono, malware, LAMP, Anjuta, virtualization (Xen and User Mode Linux) and MySQL. LPI will cover Linux Certification, and have scheduled a generously-discounted opportunity to take exams on site.

Community, training, research, and commercial (including temp-employment) exhibitors will be present.

Refreshments are by BTC's prize-winning culinary department.

Go to  http://www.linuxnorthwest.org to exhibit, or for details, directions, past fests, or late entries. Or to Peakserv, Inc. at (360) 733 6010.

For independent reviews, check Google.

homepage: homepage: http://www.linuxnorthwest.org/

Freestuffr0x0rz 28.Apr.2005 17:41


Linux > Solaris
Apache > Netscape
MySQL > Oracle (fer economic reasons)
PHP > Javascript (Java sux0rZ)

Microsoft sux0rs too hard to even compare to real OS's.

Btw, All of the above programs are the result of thousands
of man hours contributed by only the very best of coders
in the world, as opposed to Microsoft products , which
are the product of minimal man hours (rush) by not very
good coders (fresh out of college, lacking real world
experience) which explains why Windows NT is still on
record as the OS with the most out of the box remote
exploits (roughly twice the amount as early Redhat Linux