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Old School Yard [POEM]

A Poem from an upcoming Music/Poetry collection called 42Reasons
i'm tired of seeing the bad guy win all the time
the dumb one who won over the hearts and minds
I'm standing by a tree who's branches would die
it's a slow time growing
but a swift time falling
a blade in the hand is worth nine in a box

all the time thinking and I'm using my mind
it's got all these long letters i never did write
and all these old feelings that haunt the same blocks
a crooked old man spends his time by the docks
and a cigarette lasts only for a moment
one that is stolen and not one I want back

it's all glitter and gold where you all come from
and you torture my soul trying to convince me
that the grass is greener & that I'm missing out some
but no one ever asked me what it is that I'm dreaming
I'm not lost- I'm purposefully misguided
and this road that i took has no where to run to
and my destination is one that i never could reach it
i walk down the road by the empty old wood bleachers

I'm a traveling nun, I'm a wandering jew
I'm a black boy imprisoned by bars or by slums
i came to get mine yet i was offered none
my smile cannot lie what is deep inside
and when they can't feel me they suddenly fear me
I'm an unspoken word that might cut too deeply
I'm that feeling of anxiousness, regret and deceit
I'm the reason we all learn to grip and release
i might buy some more time but the cost never changes
some live to reap, some sow to live, but the wheel itself
is constantly turning, & the war in our souls
it is constantly raging
And this place that I live 27.Apr.2005 19:11

I cannot recognize

My sight obfuscated
By all of the lies
The king and his minions
Tell so they can
Squeeze one more profit
From the little man

A war they started
All for cold hearted
In faraway lands
That rips at my soul
Now I am down here
On the concrete
Boots out in the street
Waving a sign and shouting the need
of far too many people
who never once crossed me
who have been crushed in my name
But I never agreed

Protest 05.Jul.2005 12:21


Protest the Protesters! Protest the Protesters!