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kboo morning news for 4-27-05
filing lawsuits against the archdiocese of portland deadline is 4-29
toxic clams found on the oregon coast, don't eat them
fsrn- texas schools are fined 440 thousand dollars for refusing to follow federal guidelines
xhools around the country are rewarding students for telling on each other
fsrn- more on fillibuster
pacific lumber closes its fortuna branch
fsrn -bush losing support for soc. sec heist
peak oil can cause doubling of price of oil, triggering economic collapse
israel to get bunker busting wmd's from lockheed martin
fsrn -nigerian officials as u-s and europe to forgive debts
shrub and friends considering funding more opposition to venezuelan pres. chavez
bush co. distorted terror numbers
fsrn mumia- jouralists in iraq
no wmd found by cia in iraq!!really
two political parties in britian are planning on impeachment proceedings for tony blair
iraqi attacks on us troops more coordinated and sophisticated
marines used carboard cut-outs due to lack of troops
frogs in a pond in hamburg germany are exploding