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Anacro Black Metals the Political: Iskra @ Logan's Pub

ISKRA(black crust punk), BURY WHAT'S DEAD(apocalyptic hardcore) @ Logan's Pub (No Minors) - Fri. May 6th 8pm - 1am
Fri. May 6th 8pm - 1am
Victoria BC Logan's Pub (No Minors)
present: SANCTUM ( crust punk from seattle),
LIMB FROM LIMB (dark hardcore from vancouver),
ISKRA(black crust punk), BURY WHAT'S DEAD(apocalyptic hardcore)




A violent clash with the oppressor class
A war forced upon the common people all across the lands
Perpetrated by the leaders and administrators of a criminal shitstem
The time has come to turn our hearts and minds to war.

Targeting the metropoles of capitalist empires
Develop strategies which feed insurrectionary fires.
Its the leaders final race to enslave the populations
Any tactic is justified to maintain revolutionary stations.

With the system.
Participation of populations
Seditious deconstruction.

With the system.
Federated cells of resistance
Subvert and destroy.

Assault and expropriation; Seizures and Occupation
Demoralize the government w/ strikes and disruption.
Construct barricades; cause confusion and diversion
Everyday sabotage and resistance to grind down the system.

Developing methods of opposition with strong security and defense
Long periods of silence then sudden attacks
Keep the enemy nervous, unaware of your next hit
Clandestine aggression to loosen their grip.

Work illegitimate jobs, evade any tax
All the money sucked from us supports the ruling class.
Expropriation from the system is a dignified career
An independent and unified under class is their greatest fear.

Houses in the city can act as collective cells
Pockets of community within an urban hell.
Communication between environments to build autonomy
Networks of conscience working people is a way to be free.

At war against the system
Seek out and identify structures of authority.
At war with the system
Challenge domination, challenge hierarchy

The power of the people is the force of life
No idealistic vanguard, we’ll lead ourselves in the fight.
Organizational forms must develop from our own situations
Any tactic is justified to maintain revolutionary stations.

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