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Join the rally tomorrow to ask Gordon Smith to stop the Judicial Takeover!

Move On Pac is organizing dozens of demonsrations across the country tomorrow. Please speak out before it is too late!
Rally to Stop the Judicial Takeover > Event Details

Portland Rally to Stop the Judicial Takeover
Gus G. Solomon U.S. Courthouse 620 SW Main Street (Main and SW Broadway)
620 SW Main Street (Main and SW Broadway)
27 Apr 12:00 AM

We'll gather outside the Court House to send a message to Sen. Gordon Smith that he shouldn't side with the radical Republican agenda over the concerns of Oregonians.
I'll be there 26.Apr.2005 13:50

so tired


time? 26.Apr.2005 14:13

not so tired

I hope you mean 12 pm

YEs..It's 12pm...sorry ... 26.Apr.2005 16:06

desperate and exhausted!!!!!

Yes, it's 12pm..So sorry!!!!so far 595 people has RSVPed to Move on.....

That's just 27.Apr.2005 01:26

The ones who have signed up

I know folks who are coming that didn't. Hell, I didn't, for that matter. It's gonna be BIG :)