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Execution Date Set For Texas Woman

This is the announcement for the execution of Francis Newton who is on Texas Death Row.
News Release: An execution date has been set for Francis Newton,40, one of the five African-American women on Texas' Death Row at the Mountain View Prison for women. Her execution by lethal injection comes almost five months after an orginial date was set for December of 2004 in which she received a stay of execution. Francis Newton was convicted in the 1987 slayings of her husband, Adrian and her two children, Alton, 7 and Farrah, 21 months. She was convicted for murdering them for the insurance money of $50,000. She claims that she took a gun to the apartment the night of the killings but said she left and someone else came in a murdered them.

Hr lethal injection, if there is not a stay, will commence promptly at 6pm and will take approx.4-7 minutes to kill her using Sodium Thiopental to put her to sleep, Pancuronium Bromide to paralyze her muscels, including her diaphragm so that her lungs cannot breath with the help of the automatic muscle and finally Potassium Chloride which will interfere with the electrical conduction of her heart, thus producing a heart attack. Cost of the chemicals per execution: $86.08

Any additional information can be found at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice website.
How sick 26.Apr.2005 15:24


So the state kills because killing (murder) is wrong. How sick.

L 27.Apr.2005 12:33


no more killing!

even worse 02.Jul.2005 22:31


worse than a state that kills because killing is wrong is a state that allows for this to happen when there is a huge amount of reasonable doubt.

whether or not Francis Newton is actually guilty, she deserves a fair trial like anyone else. There is a reason that the U.S. system of justice is the butt of so many jokes. ...and this fact is only overshadowed by the even bigger farce of Texas "justice."

FLOYD'S OBSESSION 19.Aug.2005 00:13


Anyone reading FLoyd's constant diatribe (OFS, ROSE CITY CEMETARY, TEXAS WOMAN-DEATH ROW,KENDRA JAMES bullet path... etc) has got to know he is using this site as an interactive blog and is obsessed with death & the death industry. There are too many posters that have ID'd themselves by name and commented on his "rotational"employment at all other positions in the funeral industry in Portland, OR. PLEASE, dear readers, READ ALL of FLoyd's postings. Judge for yourself. KNow that FLoyd was studying at MHCC for the Mortuary program...NOT CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATOR (...when you are delivering a body to a medical examiner, you shouldn't be toying with the deceased's wounds (he is alleged to have put fingers in gunshot wounds & hands inside skulls that were damaged in accidents, and later gone back to accident scenes on his own to look for "brain matter" ).... Now, if he wants to handle & examine those remains-- AFTER!!!! the ME has done his work-- back at whichever mortuary he works at this week, that would be fine if he has an interest in damage & subsequent restoration. How many crime scenes might he have compromised with his purient interest???? YOIKES...... get some help, FLoyd........

connect the dots...Floyd seems to have a fixation with women of African-American descent that are either dead or near death.....

Why a hero? 15.Sep.2005 05:32


Why is it that we make killers out to a hero? I am so sick of hearing about how horrible it is for them. We seem to forget about the victims and their families. Also why is it always about the color of ones skin. If only blacks were the only ones executed then we should speak up? I feel sometimes that people just like to keep the fire going by making these racial comments. This summer a white women was executed, didn't hear much about that////// Why?

Response to "Why a hero?" 15.Sep.2005 11:53


I don't think that it has been the intent to make Ms. Newton a "hero" or any other death row inmate for that matter. The fact that she's African-American is not important and I didn't get the impression that her color is the main issue a contributing issue yes but not the main one.

I'm African-American and until yesterday morning, I'd never heard of Ms. Newton or her case. However, her circumstances were discussed on a public radio station as I was driving into work, it sparked my interest because they pointed out that (1)she had an incompetent lawyer who is now barred from handling captial cases and (2)there is reasonable doubt written all over her case...these are the real issues at hand not her race.

Like you, I personally feel that there should never be an occasion in which the color of one's skin takes center stage after all, no one really gains from thisin the end and it only distracts us from the real issues however unless you've been living on another planet, you and I know that this country was built on the tradition of judging others based on insignificant attributes like pigment. So much so that we will forever remain deluded by it and our legal system will continue function skewed from it. Yeah you're right...I didn't hear about the white woman executed this summer...did she have an idiot for a lawyer too???

Given this fact, I applaud anyone who keeps those ole fires burning...you see if you're of the majority, you can rest assured that at least one of your physical attributes will not come into focus if ever you find yourself facing judgment...how lovely...I can see how your perception based on your experiences would lend itself into thinking the way that you do. But if you're not a member of the majority...ah well skin color becomes a factor from the moment you're born. You can't escape it and you will be forever judged by it if not initially then at some point in your lifetime...this I know for sure. Therefore it must be considered and rightfully so...we are all affected by it and too many have lost their lives because of it.

Incidently, you're right, we should not loose sight of the victims...never. And yes, we should stop glorifying killers. If I see one more old gangster movie or western that depicts Native American's as savages I'm gonna puke...I keep it real okay.