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Take the KATU poll on JTTF

Right now, the poll says over 70% are against the mayor's decision to quit the JTTF. Turn it around with your votes now. www.katu.com.
Right now, the KATU poll says over 70% are against the mayor's decision to quit the JTTF. Turn it around with your votes now. www.katu.com. Turn the tide.
good work! 23.Apr.2005 01:36


good work folks!

Portland to pull officers from terror task force
Do you agree with Mayor Tom Potter's decision to pull Portland Police officers out of the FBI-led Joint Terrorism Task Force?
Yes 51%
No 49%
Total Votes: 3033

Poll has swung back to NO 23.Apr.2005 08:44


The poll is now

25% yes
75% no

11200 votes

"Not a Scientific Poll" 23.Apr.2005 09:54

No Shit.

Gee. Do you think "li2U News" is really going to tell us the truth? Yeh, Like they always do. Yeh. Suuure. Also, as we know, "homeland security" has been feeding fake letters to the editor all over the US regarding supposed support for the war. (See whatreallyhappened.com, among others, for the story that broke last year about US servicement discovering their names had appeared without their consent in hometown newspapers in letter to the editor telling people how awful it was for them to hear about those bad old anti-war protesters.) So who has the time/ambition to sit around making 11,000 hits at the KATU website? Why, only those with a stake in this, of course. And that's us...and them.

katu poll acting strangely 23.Apr.2005 12:52

following this

is now
Yes 52%
No 48%

Wow, that IS Strange 23.Apr.2005 13:12


It's almost as if, even though the site says, "Each person may only vote once", that ,in fact, each person could vote lots and lots of times, if they wanted to, and thereby manipulate the results. ;-)

If Voting Changed Anything 23.Apr.2005 13:27

They'd Abolish It

Well, it does say each person MAY vote once. And indeed they may, or they may vote ten thousand times or zero times. Isn't voting a hoot?

Does not matter 23.Apr.2005 17:20


The dirt bags did not report the results anyway. They report that 57% are opposed, 27% dunno, and the rest approve. That report came just as the little online thingy reported that 57% were in favor, and 43% against, and who the fuck cares about those who don't have an opinion?

Now 24.Apr.2005 11:42

March Hare

It's now at 55 45, good work!!