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Reality Cubed

Language and truth.
A college professor loved the phrase "Language is and abstraction of an abstraction." He would frequently turn away from the board and say to us just that phrase.

Here's my take on what he means: We abstract from the world with our minds. We abstract from our minds with spoken language. We abstract from spoken language with written language.

My conclusion is that everything written on Indymedia is the cube root of reality.

On the other hand, nothing that the conservatives write about bear any relation to reality at all.
thanks 23.Apr.2005 00:44

regular reader

this is indeed an important thing you pointed out, about the relation of language to thought. thank you.

there's a whole nuther discussion that begs which is about the nature of thought and perception of course (on a scale of "everything is just in your mind" to "an objective reality that can be measured, sliced, and diced exists") that i'm way too tired to start. ;)

fungii 19.May.2005 09:38


Except for their impervious coat, fungus spores consist mostly of water.