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Why is Earth Day on the 22nd of April?

When the founders of Earth Day had to pick a day there was one obvious choice.
Considered one of the original high profile environmentalists, actor Eddie Albert was born today, April 22nd, 1908. Mr. Albert is 97 years old and is still alive. You may remember him from the Green Acres TV show.

"Because of his his early work with environmental causes and groups, when International Earth Day was created, it was decided it must be held on April 22 because that is his birthday."

Mr. Albert is often credited with starting Arbor Day and almost single handedly getting DDT banned in the early 1970's.
Happy (late) Birthday Eddie Albert and Blessed Earth century to all 23.Apr.2005 15:48


I knew half that, but did not know it was Eddie Albert's birthday. He really should be counted a hero here.