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Portland's Funeral Industry Reacts to Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home Allegations

Portland Funeral Industry rages at Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home.
Portland, OR

The Funeral Industry in the City of Portland is livid at Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home as they are worried that their formal investigation will taint the industry. Spokespersons for the industry have cited that they have been informed of the allegations and have also cited past allegations concerning Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home.

"If this is true, then it is nothing short of outrageous," Spokesperson Jim Willett commented after being informed of the investigation. "and we will do everything we can to assist in this matter against Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home and their General Manager, Michael J. Orcutt."

Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home has received numerous complaints in their treatment of the African - American community as well as allegations of sexual abuse to corpses and racist comments to the community in which they serve.

"Any time a funeral home comes under such scrunity, the displinary action should be harsh and heavy . . . comsidering these allegations." said former board member Maria Jennings.

The investigation was launched on April 21, 2005.

Warrant out for arrest of Floyd Decker 27.Apr.2005 20:49


Wow- I thought he was a scumbag before but it just seems to get worse. Talk about unfair allegations, coming from someone who should be in jail himself!!
Check out this website to see the warrant and a photo!
A Warrant Has been issued for the arrest of:
Address: 120 S BLACK #2, BOZEMAN
DOB: 12/28/71

What happened to the background check???? 28.Apr.2005 08:18


Don't you have to pass a background check before you can go to work in this field? If so then how could Floyd Decker start at Rose City and other funeral homes if he has a warrant out for his arrest? Sounds to me that the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board didn't do their job! I don't know what this guy did to have a warrant out for his arrest, but I wouldn't want him working for me or wtih me. I wonder how many other people are out there working that have gotten past the background check?? Maybe this needs to be the investigation!! The Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery board are letting down the Funeral homes who are hiring their students thinking that they are hiring someone who has passed a backgound check.

innocent until proven gulity? Is there more to the story? 29.Apr.2005 11:46


It is very unfair to make Michael Orcutt out to be some sick individual before the case has been investigated. We should also look at the person that made these allegations against him. Was this person fired? What kind of a person was the accuser? We all like to jump on the bandwagon and automatically assume that someone is guilty. The news needs to report the whole story not just the part that makes for an interesting report. What if he is innocent? What about this mans family and reputation? Will he ever be able to face the world again let alone is friends and family? Will people still believe he is guilty? I cant say if I believe it or not at this point. What I do know is that it's very unfair to ruin him as a person before he is fully investigated. Take a second to think about this: What if this was you? What if this was your husband?

These Allegations Are Great News!!! 29.Apr.2005 15:42


It is truley a sad day for anyone of the families that have relyed on the services of Fore-mentioned funeral home, but i'll go a step further.
For anyone who has relyed on a funeral home for care of their beloved deceased, allegations such as these make us all question the care, handling and respect shown to our departed family and friends; especially the treatment behind closed doors, and out of the sight from public view.
Not all directors are bad.
Not all are good either.
And this person making these claims, may just turn out to be a piece of shit himself.
The face that smiles, shakes the hands and yes tries to comfort the grieving often do not wear that same face behind their closed doors, and out of public sight.
But then again, what should we expect from those who price gouge the greiving, and profit?
So we should not be surprised that the accuser may have a warrent, employed at a funeral home, and is also very close to finishing his education.
Like-wise we should not be surprised that the members of a funeral home may be ruthless, racist, necrophiliacs or people of zero moral calibre.
People fall through the cracks, such is the nature of life.
For all those who rush to judgement, for either side of this story, i.e. accuser/accusee, I say shut the fuck up, and yes I am speaking to the accusers fellow students.
If you are of good moral character, and have good intensions for the funeral service, you have nothing to worry about.
I say bring the investigations of the funeral buisnesses, schools and even the state boards on.
The investigations need to nation wide, and be executed independantly, i.e. not preformed by state funeral boards.
Investigations need to be swift, fair, any wrong doings must be delt with harshly and exeptional findings must be publically praised.
If there is to be a future in the funeal industry, and student of funeral schools want future careers now is time rid the scum and raise the standards.
I have personal expirience in the field, so I can speak on this issue.
If you have a problem at this early stage of the investigation, and I know some of you do, because have told me so, your biased uneducated opinions are clouding your abilities already.
Start by looking in the mirror, what kind of person are you, and what kind of moral character do you posess?

Former Employee responds 02.May.2005 09:59

Pat McNally

RE: Rose City Funeral Home

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to attest to my experience as an apprentice at Rose City Funeral Home. I worked as an apprentice there from September 2004 until my graduation from Mount Hood Community college in June of 2004. The experience I gained at Rose City was excellent in preparing me to be a Funeral Director and Embalmer. I am currently a Director in training in Wisconsin. I have found that the skills I learned at Rose City put me well ahead of the other students at Mount Hood (Where I graduated with a perfect grade point average) and in my new job in terms of prep room skills, interpersonal communication skills, directing and arranging skills. My experience level, gained from Rose City allowed me to have my pick of jobs in the Madison area, and allowed me to start at an above scale salary.

I have found the atmosphere at Rose City-especially the prep room to be one of respect, caring and the sharing of the invaluable experience of the staff. Michael Orcutt, Scott Whitaker, Keith Richey and Daniel Hilton always took the time to teach me what they were doing and why when it would have been much easier to do it themselves or have me do it on my own. This atmosphere of respect and helpfulness extended to the cemetery office where I occasionally worked as well. Jon and Jay Ollerenshaw, Mike Nelson and Linda Garland took time to help me learn about the cemetery operations, and always behaved in an admirable professional manner.

Mr. Orcutt especially imparted upon me many lessons that I use professionally in my work today. "Treat them like they were your own family" he taught me, and I strive to live up to that standard every day.

I am shocked and dismayed after reading the allegations made by former employee Floyd Decker. The type of behavior he described would never have occurred, nor would it have been tolerated by the staff or management of Rose City.

Pat McNally

say what? 02.May.2005 14:22

cap'n quirk

RE: Pat McNally's comment

Obviously Mr. McNally inhabits a parallel universe in which he confuses "mirror images" with real persons! This is the only possible explanation for his bizarre analysis of Rose City.

The Mike Orcutt and Jon Ollerenshaw he describes cannot be the persons with those names at the real Rose City. The qualities he attributes to them (respect, caring and sharing..., ...helpfulness, ...behaved in an admirable, professional manner, etc.) are laughably lacking in these two. Anyone who has dealt with either of them for more than five minutes knows it. The best part is about them "...(taking) the time to teach you what they were doing and why when it would have been much easier to do it themselves...". You're kidding, right? Mike or Jon "doing it themseves" - not in this world!

If the "skills" Mr. McNally acquired during his employment, (which, according to my calculations, lasted -4 months; from September to June, 2004???) along with his "perfect grade point average" allow him his pick of jobs in Madison, one would think that he could do better than writing unbelieveable puff pieces for people like these. How much did they pay you, Pat?

As far as behavior of the type alleged by Mr. Decker being tolerated by staff or management at Rose City, I believe they would tolerate just about anything - until they get caught!

By the way, "badseed" has it just right!

Decker writes again! 02.May.2005 21:08

one who knows

Decker, why not use your real name when you post? It is obvious by the spelling, bad grammar and obvious anger that it is YOU! So funny!

what's obviously obvious 02.May.2005 23:33

cap'n quirk

It's obvious I misspelled a word; themseves (obviously s/b themselves). I'm mortified, no, really. It's also obvious that you obviously like the word obvious and will obviously miss no opportunity to make that fact obvious.

As far as using one's (pardon the pun, one) real name... well, I thought you knew!

I guess not!

By the way; temper, temper; all caps is "shouting".

Lastly, don't use terms you don't understand - like "grammar".

Correction 03.May.2005 06:01

Pat McNally

A typo appeared in my letter. I was employed at Rose City from September 2002 until June of 2004.

Correction 03.May.2005 06:03

Pat McNally

A typo appeared in my letter. I was employed at Rose City from September 2002 until June of 2004.

Correction 03.May.2005 06:05

Pat McNally

A typo appeared in my letter. I was employed at Rose City from September 2002 until June of 2004.

Floyd Decker and Rose City 03.May.2005 09:19

Cliff Robinson hissteps4u@verizon.net

Events Concerning Floyd Decker and the right of the Public and the Oregon Mortuary Board to know the Truth!

Floyd Decker is quit frankly full of himself. He considers himself to be Gods Gift to the Mortuary business when in Fact Floyd suffers from what many of would call a MORBID fascination with Death to an extreme level.

Allow me to set the Record straight as it relates to Floyd Decker.

Floyd Decker has to date been fired from at least 3 and likely 4 companies in the Mortuary business in the greater Portland Area. Ross Hollywood terminated Mr. Decker for Cause, Oregon Funeral Service Terminated Floyd Decker for Cause and Now Rose City has terminated Decker for Cause.

Allow me to site just one example of why Mr. Decker should Never be given a license to practice in the Mortuary business in this state or any other state within the United states of America.

As a co worker at the time with Mr. Decker we went on what turned out to be a rather bad accident in the Portland area. It was a car accident with multiple fatalities. There was considerable carnage with this accident and lots of Blood. The accident was horrific with a great deal of damage to the decedents whom we picked up. Our only Primary Job was removal and transport to the Medical Examiners office which was protocol for such accidents.

Upon removal of the bodies we drove to the Medical examiners office with the Two decedents. Upon entering the Medical examiners office and placing the decedents on the examination table per protocol and while I was processing the paper work for the Medical Examiners office Mr Decker took it upon himself to thrust his Hand into One of the decedents Head which had been crushed by the accident. I immediately questioned Decker as to his reasoning to acting in such an unprofessional manner and he stated he just wanted to see what it felt like and examine the decedent. I also immediately reported the Incident to my superior at our Job and informed them as to what took place and what Floyd did.

Later that evening Floyd took several other employees to the scene of the accident to search for Brain Matter on a telephone pole and to re-examine the scene. His Morbid Fascination and unprofessional conduct ought not to be tolerated and he needs to never be licensed in any state where he deals with the Public trust. His Moral Character is lacking and simply not present and has extremely poor judgment in his actions.

I have witnessed Floyd calling local Radio stations and ranting and raving over commentaries by the station in which floyd began to rant and rave in apparent Manic type assult verbally of the staff of the radio station.

I believe Floyd Decker to be Mentally imbalanced and a danger to others as well as having No Moral backbone and not having the ability to be a professional in the Mortuary Business in any shape form or fashion.

Floyd Decker is simply a liar and not to be trusted or counted upon to tell the truth in any manner at all!

This statement has been forwarded to the Oregon Board of Licensure.

Cc:  http://egov.oregon.gov/MortCem/index.shtml

Floyd Decker should be charged 10.May.2005 13:56

Oregon Funeral Director

Floyd Decker should be charged. I have had Rose City do
several services for my funeral home and have never noticed
anything wrong. I have been in funeral service for nearly 30 years
and my family since the late 1940's.

Besides Floyd's charges all of us in Oregon from the funeral homes
to its citizens should be very upset with our State Board. The
person should never have been allowed to be in funeral service.

Our state board has other times allowed ex felons to keep there
licenses and they spent there time in federal pris. For stuff
they did while in funeral service.

The charges are false and I will continue to use Rose City for
my needs in Portland when the families I serve need help in Portland

Dismissed 12.Jan.2006 12:23

The knowing one

All allegations against Rose City and the Mortician has been dismissed by the OSMCB. If you have questions or concerns call the funeral home. It is all complete and done.

Whatever happened to Floyd Decker? 06.Apr.2007 09:13

B. Underhill

Did you know that most Oregon licensing agencies can't search the national crime database for criminal history? - only the State database called Law Enforcement Data System (LEDS)?

If someone has a criminal record in another state, it doesn't appear in LEDS. I doubt they want people to know that.

Did you know you can ask for copies of citations issued by the Oregon State Mortuary Board? I was told Decker's apprenticeship got revoked. Justice is served!