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Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home Under Strict Investigation

This article is the announcement that Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home is now under a formal investigation by the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board
Portland, OR

A formal investigation of Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home in Portland, OR is under way regarding allegations of racism and severe unethical behavior by its General Manager, Michael J. Orcutt. Allegations of racists comments to the deceased and corpse abuse towards the African - American and Caucasian community are included. "Verbal abuse and. . . using broom handles on deceased and kissing the deceased, rubbing breasts and imitating oral sex with a corpse" are included in the investigation.

This investigation falls under the Oregon Mortaury and Cemetery code of violations ORS 166.085 and 166.087 of abuse of a corpse and unethical behavior. Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home is located at 5625 NE Fremont St in Portland, OR They can be reached at (503) 281-3821 or (503) 281-6705. Any complaints regarding Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home should be directed to the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board at (503) 731-4040 ext. 23. Lynne Nelson is the surpervisory investigator.

Michael J. Orcutt and Rose City Cemetery and Funeral Home declined to comment.

phone: phone: (503) 281-9362

OMG....THAT is SO DISGUSTING!!! 23.Apr.2005 22:59

totally grossed out in gresham! sntmcd@hotmail.com

Why has this not been ran on the mainstream news?? There is big possibility of big time lawsuits...you'd think the mainstream would jump on board simply for the drama of it all.

dead whiteys 25.Apr.2005 21:51


If there was a big concern in the Black communtity would it be reported? While if this were to happen in Lake Oswego it might be on CNN? Whatya think Portland radicals?

Innocent before proven guilty! 26.Apr.2005 15:15


Disgruntled employees are known for outlandish behaviors. Remember, Mr. Orcutt is innocent, unless he can be proven guilty. If every accusation made by employees was considered the gospel truth, then every organization would lie in ruins. Patience!

Whatever! 26.Apr.2005 19:21


Im confused! If such awful things were going on while you worked there why didn't you report it sooner? Aside from being a disgruntled employee who apparently has time on his hands..you have sealed your casket on working in Portland again. If Mr. Orcutt is exonorated of these reports you should spend the same amount of time and effort setting the record straight! Also, you have painted an awful picture for other funeral homes that have always been targets regarding prices ect. There are plenty of other professions that are overpriced in my opinion but I don't publicly slam my kids orthodontist, divorce attorney or my last hospital visit. Grow up and take some responsibility for your own actions.

Whatever II 26.Apr.2005 21:42

First Call

When I used to do first call I never seen anything out of place. As far as Mount Hood Community Funeral Service Program goes maybe the author of this tid bit needs a soberiety test, because he has been known to come to class drunk. I have worked in MHCC Funeral Service and have found the instructors and students nothing but ethical. However there are some not metioning any names that seem like they need some serious mental health help, becasue it is always everybody elses fault but his own. Lets look into the history of the author shall we? I am sure there is alot to be found!!!
one who knows

YOU are a writer? 26.Apr.2005 22:03


Floyd, you got so many facts wrong. That's the problem with this kind of news media, anyone can say anything without verification! You can't spell Mortuary. That agency doesn't enforce a Code of Violations, but Administrative Rules. And 166.085 and .087 are Oregon Revised Statutes. Those are crimes. Floyd, why do you think they declined to comment, you're an idiot.

Disgruntled & Uncaring 27.Apr.2005 09:31


I work in the funeral industry, but I am not a funeral director nor an embalmer. Everyday I see how hard the funeral directors work. They are very caring, and put the feelings of the family at upmost importance. I can't believe that Mr. Decker would put down an industry that works hard to make a death experience as possible as it can be at the time of death.
Mr. Decker, you disgust me!!

Corp Media Picks Up Story 27.Apr.2005 11:11


The corp media has picked up on this story now too:


Wow Check this out an arrest warrant out for Floyd Decker 27.Apr.2005 20:49


Wow- I thought he was a scumbag before but it just seems to get worse. Talk about unfair allegations, coming from someone who should be in jail himself!!
Check out this website to see the warrant and a photo!
A Warrant Has been issued for the arrest of:
Address: 120 S BLACK #2, BOZEMAN
DOB: 12/28/71

What happened to the background check???? 28.Apr.2005 08:16


Don't you have to pass a background check before you can go to work in this field? If so then how could Floyd Decker start at Rose City and other funeral homes if he has a warrant out for his arrest? Sounds to me that the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board didn't do their job! I don't know what this guy did to have a warrant out for his arrest, but I wouldn't want him working for me or wtih me. I wonder how many other people are out there working that have gotten past the background check?? Maybe this needs to be the investigation!! The Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery board are letting down the Funeral homes who are hiring their students thinking that they are hiring someone who has passed a backgound check.

Lets look at the source of the accusations. 29.Apr.2005 14:10


It's unfair how the news will report a story and make the person out to be guilty before the proper authorities investigate the case. I hope that the general population would look at the source of the allegations and base their judgment accordingly, but that never happens. Of course, we don't really know because the news is only reporting this person is a former employee of Rose City Funeral Home. The question is was this person fired, and why were these acts not reported at the time they occurred? I find this story to be very sad. I tend to look at the big picture. What if Michael Orcutt is cleared of any charges? Will he be able to continue in this line of work? What about his reputation? What will his friends and family think? It wont matter if he is cleared or not because the news has already made him out to be guilty. People hear what they want to hear and will make their decisions.
I dont know if I believe these horrible accusations, but what I do know is that, I want to know the whole story not just what reporters want me to hear.

Former Employee Responds 02.May.2005 10:00

Pat McNally

RE: Rose City Funeral Home

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to attest to my experience as an apprentice at Rose City Funeral Home. I worked as an apprentice there from September 2004 until my graduation from Mount Hood Community college in June of 2004. The experience I gained at Rose City was excellent in preparing me to be a Funeral Director and Embalmer. I am currently a Director in training in Wisconsin. I have found that the skills I learned at Rose City put me well ahead of the other students at Mount Hood (Where I graduated with a perfect grade point average) and in my new job in terms of prep room skills, interpersonal communication skills, directing and arranging skills. My experience level, gained from Rose City allowed me to have my pick of jobs in the Madison area, and allowed me to start at an above scale salary.

I have found the atmosphere at Rose City-especially the prep room to be one of respect, caring and the sharing of the invaluable experience of the staff. Michael Orcutt, Scott Whitaker, Keith Richey and Daniel Hilton always took the time to teach me what they were doing and why when it would have been much easier to do it themselves or have me do it on my own. This atmosphere of respect and helpfulness extended to the cemetery office where I occasionally worked as well. Jon and Jay Ollerenshaw, Mike Nelson and Linda Garland took time to help me learn about the cemetery operations, and always behaved in an admirable professional manner.

Mr. Orcutt especially imparted upon me many lessons that I use professionally in my work today. "Treat them like they were your own family" he taught me, and I strive to live up to that standard every day.

I am shocked and dismayed after reading the allegations made by former employee Floyd Decker. The type of behavior he described would never have occurred, nor would it have been tolerated by the staff or management of Rose City.

Pat McNally

Bogus complainant needs jail time. 02.May.2005 16:09

V Adamson

I have been in the funeral business all of my life. I was raised in the funeral / cemetery business and have been licensed for many years. Trust me when I say, I have seen everything and every situation you can imagine. I have been around Mr. Orcutt and Rose City for many years. I contract with one of his embalmers, Mr. Scott Whitaker. I have never witnessed anything but the highest professional standards and respect towards their clients and their profession. This means in private, behind closed doors as well as witnessing how they conduct themselves in public.
It is shocking to me how so much credence is placed with the ex-employee's complaint by the media and so little respect for one of Portland's finest Mortuary / Cemetery facilities and staff. The public needs to keep in mind that Funeral Directors & Embalmers and their staff must be perfect all the time. We don't get do-overs. Dr's, Lawyers, Tradesmen and yes even News Anchors have a built in margin for error. Funeral Professionals don't. Check with the Mortuary / Cemetery Board and look at Rose Cities record. Their record is second to none. Spotless. Try to find another profession or professional that has taken care of that many thousands of individuals and their families and maintained that level of perfection for over a 100 yes 100 years. Good Luck.

Then take a close look at the complainant. Even I can go on the internet and google the complainant and see a very sordid history.


V Adamson, License #0003.

Correction 03.May.2005 06:02

Pat McNally

A typo appeared in my letter. I was employed at Rose City from September 2002 until June of 2004.

RE: Bogus complainant needs jail time 07.May.2005 12:58


Now here'a well-reasoned, PROFESSIONAL comment.

The MIGHTY OZ has spoken - Pay no attention to the V Adamson behind the curtain!!! Because "V" has not witnessed any of Orcutt's bad behavior, it CANNOT have happened, YOU FOOLS!!! He sees all and knows all - he can read your mind and see STRAIGHT INTO YOUR SOULS - BEWARE, EVILDOERS!

All funeral directors (why capitalize that term) are perfect in OZ.

Funeral professionals (there are those caps, again - of course, NOW they're PROFESSIONALS, SO LET'S LEAVE THE LOCK ON)have NO MARGIN FOR ERROR!!! GOOD GOD!!!

Floyd Decker is SENTENCED TO JAIL!!! Problem solved.

Rose City Cemetery is SPOTLESS, DO YOU HEAR?!?! For over ONE HUNDRED YEARS, DAMMIT!!!


Life is good in Sheridan, OZ (sorry, OR).

Case closed.

Please excuse my typo's, I am very tired and have had a long day.

Sorry, Couldn't help it.

Dismissed 14.Dec.2005 10:57

Those in the know

ALL Allegations against this funeral director have been dismissed by the OSMCB. This concludes this effort by Decker to try and destroy those who fired him. This is the end. And thank GOD.