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NW In Defense of Animals News, Events and Action Alerts

April 23rd through April 30th is World Week for Animals in Laboratories. Events are planned throughout the week in support of animals suffering lonely, miserable lives in laboratories. Please remember that their lives are full of boredom and we are their only voices. Please make this the one week that you put away some time for the animals!
Sat April 23- Yoga Class to benefit IDA. Joy Wolfe, owner and founder of Prananda Yoga and Arts Center, will be teaching an all-levels yoga class for WWAIL. All proceeds will be donated to In Defense of Animals. (This class is also in honor of her father's death, 15 years ago on this day. He was also an animal lover!)
Time: 11:30 am - 12:45 pm
Where: 4812 N. Interstate Ave. (2 blocks south of Alberta)
Cost: $5.00 - $20.00 (whatever you'd like to donate - make checks payable to In Defense of Animals and they are tax deductible) No need to register, just show up. Cash or check only please.
Mats and blankets provided. For more information on Prananda visit www.prananda.com
Or call 503-249-3903

Sun April 24- Boycott OHSU Doorhanger outreach, 9am-12pm, meet at the IDA office, 5428 NE 30th, Portland

Tue April 26- Demonstration/visibility event, 4pm-6pm, Oregon National Primate Research Center, 505 NW 185th, Beaverton, OR

Wed April 27- Free Showings of documentary Chattel. This movie focuses on several animal research labs, including OHSU's Oregon Regional Primate Research Center and Huntingdon Life Sciences, and the campaigns and individuals who are working to shut them down. Lots of undercover lab footage, protest footage, and rare Animal Liberation Front video is included.
Where: Portland Community College - Cascade Campus, Terrell Hall 11:30 am
Portland State University - Smith Hall, Room 296 3:00 pm
Discussion afterwards with former primate researcher Matt Rossell, who exposed the conditions for the animals at OHSU's primate research center, and is one of the activists highlighted in the film. Matt worked at the primate center for over two years, and was one of two people charged with the responsibility for caring for the psychological well being of more than 1,200 non-human primates.

Thur April 28- Boycott OHSU Leafleting Outreach, 11:30 am - 1:30 pm. Downtown Portland, Pioneer Courthouse Square, corner of SW Yamhill and Broadway.

Thur April 28- "Last Thursday" Outreach, sidewalk video showing for Alberta Street Art Walk, meet at 6pm at the IDA office, 5428 NE 30th, Portland.

Friday April 29- Proctor and Gamble Leafleting, meet at 3:30 pm, Cascadia Rising Infoshop, 1540 SE Clinton St., Portland

Sat April 30- March of Dimes Leafleting, meet at 9am. In Portland meet at the Rose Quarter Commons, in front of the Max train station right in front of the Rose Garden. In Vancouver, meet at Esther Short Park at the corner of Columbia and 6th at the clock tower. For more info about the March of Dimes visit www.PCRM.org and www.MarchofCrimes.com If you can help, please RSVP to Alyssa at (503) 775-3160.

For more information on any of these events, contact Connie at 503-249-9996 x3 or by email at  connie@idausa.org.
How Many 22.Apr.2005 16:20


98.7% like humans with DNA, Chimps have been abused for generations. They do not get AIDS when subjected to HIV-1 and other strains. In fact they develop a resistance to other strains. Do we think that by forcing them into abject slavery we will earn the right to solve AIDS? Wrong. We're barking up the wrong tree. It's where we came from. How many good scientists, med students, and future scientists left the field when pricked by conscience when killing animals. The figures are staggering, and Department of Defense has the highest statistics for killing animals without giving them painkillers. With bioterrorism this abuse will only increase. Stop the killing!

Thanks so much! 22.Apr.2005 17:50


that is great info, I will try and make it to everyone of those!!