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Open Secret

well it seems the secret is out...just what are we gonna do about it?
The Secret's Out

It's been four years and four months since the coup. Since the beginning of the Empire of George W. Bush, tens of hundreds have been writing on thousands of sites, and millions have been commenting from around the world. The assumption beneath all the trillions of words seems to have been, that the public simply did not know or understand what really happened.

The truth now appears to be - they knew!

That might take a moment to absorb, but it's the only thing that makes any sense.  http://rigorousintuition.blogspot.com says in part: "Most Americans acknowledge, and have known for some time, that elements of their own government conspired to kill their president. But what difference has it made?

The Iraq war was founded on a lie so brazenly wicked George Bush could even joke about it after the fact. ("Nope, no weapons of mass destruction under here!") What difference has the truth meant to America, and to Iraq?

Many Americans already suspect that those sworn to their defence actually conspired in the murder of their wives, husbands, children, parents, friends and fellow citizens on 9/11. And - so what? The bitter knowledge has simply become part of the great tapestry of American dissonance. It's joined the cottage industry of conspiracy infotainment, because High Crimes in the United States are simply fodder for dark amusement, not for solving. And certainly not for justice.

The problem isn't that enough people don't know the truth. They do, and about many things. Enough people know enough. The problem is that too many people are still too comfortable to act upon it. So the knowledge is compartmentalized, filed away with a shrug and a "But what are ya gonna do?" And that's just how the High Cabal likes it: we know enough to know of what they're capable, and yet we do nothing. So we continue to play their game of intimidation, in which they tip their hand as a mechanism of control."

That seems plausible, but why would we keep on doing this? How could so many simply accept the unthinkable in so many different situations that will have such long term and disasterous effects on not only this country, but on the world? Many may have concluded that to alter the situation now, with all that this implies, would involve such radical and destabilizing change, that there is simply no way to stop this - so why should they pay attention?

Remember the theft of the 2000 election, and the complicity of the US Supreme Court in that theft and it's clear that options for resoving this crime are severley limited. The Supreme Court has the final word on everything that goes through the courts, Additionally their complicity on 12-12-2000, makes a mockery of the effectiveness of all lower courts. The illegal intrusion also colors all future decisions of this Supreme Court, as they are on record as having sacrificed impartiality to appoint Geopge W. Bush to office on 12-12-2000.

From a legal perspective: Given that the Attorney General of the United States is the legal authority in all matters of settled law, and decideswhat will be investigated by the US Department of Justice; this tends to curtail bringing charges against his superiors, as this AG is joined at the hip to Cheney-Bush. Therefore any effective legal actions must come from outside the formal jurisdiction of the Attorney General - yet this is a legal impossiblity and therefore another dead end.

From a legislative perspective:  http://www.kirwanesque.com/politics/articles/2002/art0.htm The Congress of the United States allowed it's members to become partisan players, actively supporting the theft of the presidency by failing to decide the Florida vote count as required by law. The Congress also made no complaint about the Court's actions. The Supreme's should never have intervened - because that act nullified the impartiality of the Supreme Court from that moment to this day, which is why it is illegal.

For this crime: The members of the US Supreme Court belong behind prison bars and not in a marble hall, not sitting at the bar of ultimate justice as they do today. The other roadblock to action is that any impeachment proceedings must originate with the people's representatives in Congress, and the majority of them have already joined in the cause that became the coup.

So where does that leave us? How can any court of inquiry be convened, with any impartiality, given the above circumstances? We cannot stop time while we pursue the criminals, and if the criminals are the highest members of the government, in collusion with the highest officers within the Corporatocracy that run the major business functions of the economy, and also insure, finacncial stability - then how do we alter what has happened?

The First Amendment was created to protect the freedom of the press, it seems unlikely that the framers thought that a free press could so easily be silenced. Thanks to recent court decisions corporations now have the same rights to "free speech" as do actual people. And the Supreme Court has ruled that corporate free speech is interferred with, if there is any limit placed upon the money they can spend, to make their positions clear.

This unbalance in the right of the people to be heard, is because with the media securely owned by those who want the public silenced - and without the money to produce a point of view - there can be no truly public voice. This kills the right of indiviuals to be heard. Especially true now, because the Fairness Doctrine was also eliminated (that was the rule that required broadcasters to make time available for dissenting opinion - on all matters of public concern). The Doctrine was murdered because it infringed upon the right of broadcasters and newspapers to say or print only what they agreed with - disregarding the fact that the public actually owns the airwaves, but still has to pay to use them.

Thanks to this recent FCC ruling in collusion with congress, the people now have no direct way to object with any force, to whatever this government or its sponsors want to see reported, or discussed on any topic.The owners of the microphone and the podium, will always shape the debate: The only danger in this for them might lie in the arrogance with which they haughtily refuse all efforts at any kind of compromise!

Other nations, in similar circumstances, have turned to revolution. But US Politicians are counting on our unwillingness; our outright fear of overturning this society just to get to them. The thugs know that people here are not generally willing to just upend their lives and their personal plans, just because of "a little politics." But no society can exist for long as a prisoner of this absolute Axis of Evil. These three branches of this government were to have kept us free and prosperous - now they are the literal chains that have imprisoned our way of life.

The victor's in the coup perverted the constitution, and they now dictate to the country; rather than choosing to rule with the consent of the governed. Without an honest and active media to question people or events for the public, the real issue becomes how do we go about this - really? How can people change this, without completely embracing chaos?

If we choose to act we might well lose everything we,ve worked for. However if we do not speak, then nationally this quagmire will only deepen.


Internationally what the thugs have done to the planet may yet determine what we do - that might come too late, but it will come. Donna writes: "The US (with the help of a few "allies") has managed to destroy the future of life in an entire geographic region (of this planet) for billions of years. BILLIONS OF YEARS! As an environmentalist and humanitarian, it's admittedly hard to sleep now - fully aware as I am that my tax dollars have been supporting this death and weapons of mass destruction for years.

I could tell myself that I simply "didn't know" - that the media hadn't warned me, that FOX news didn't cover DU all those years... and maybe that will help ease my conscience a bit. Maybe. But now that I've read so much, fully absorbed the horrors, and I,m completely aware of the truth - there are no more excuses for inaction."

Some Americans are enthralled with the bravado and the patriotic-shell, of US military might, but many more may reject that out-of-hand. The draft is coming and maybe then more people will begin to see this topic in a different light. As citizens, we haven,t spent much time actually trying to live in our new and fetid air of Empire - but perhaps we should. That continued failure to protest is bringing us to the brink of fascism:  http://www.blackcommentator.com/135/135_fr_fascism.html

The Secret May Be Out, but that doesn,t bring us any closer to an answer. It all falls back on each and every one of us. All those thousands of web sites, all those millions of articles and commentaries, and so many readers the world over: one might think that more people would print what's being said - discuss what they have found with other people? The current system is opposed to those it supposedly serves, yet one by one people can change what happens in the moment - but only if we really want to try!