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Heartcheck: A new zine by Political Prisoners Jeff 'Free' Luers and Rob 'Los Ricos' Thaxto

Heartcheck by Jeff Luers and Rob Thaxton launched on Earth Day 2005.
cover of heartcheck
cover of heartcheck
Rob Los Ricos
Rob Los Ricos
Jeff Luers
Jeff Luers
Jeff and Rob imprisoned-2002
Jeff and Rob imprisoned-2002
a new zine by Political Prisoners Jeffrey 'Free' Luers and Rob 'los Ricos' Thaxton...


Heartcheck is a 40 page zine with new, unpublished writings and artwork by political prisoners Jeff 'Free' Luers and Robert 'Los Ricos' Thaxton. The zine is printed on recycled paper by 1984 Printing in Oakland, California and has a 4 color cover.

From the introduction:

With millions of people dying, the environment being poisoned and destroyed by consumerism, there really are only three kinds of people: the victims, the problem, and the solution.

This zine is dedicated to the latter. The time for rhetoric is over. The time for action has arrived. We hope that the writings contained within will begin a much-needed discussion on real solutions and alternatives sorely lacking in radical circles. We hope these words will only be the beginning of something much larger.

ALL proceeds from the sale of this zine will benefit both political prisoners. Show solidarity for these political prisoners and get a copy [or 10!] today.

How to Order Heartcheck:

Heartcheck is available directly from us- either through our Eugene PO Box or online at the Clamor Infoshop. We will be posting a list of local bookstores, infoshops and distributions that are carrying Heartcheck shortly.

* A single copy of Heartcheck is $7 postage-paid.
* Pricing for multiple copies is as follows (prices include postage): 2-5 copies for $6 each, 6-9 copies for $5 each.
* The wholesale price (10 or more copies) is $4 each.
* For international orders, please order from the Clamor Infoshop.

You can buy one online by going to the Clamor Infoshop.

You can also send a check/postal money order or well-concealed cash made out to 'Free's Defense Fund' and put 'Heartcheck' on the memo line, to Free's Defense Fund, PO Box 3, Eugene, OR 97440. Please enclose your address, how many copies you want and your email on a seperate note.

We will contact you if there are any problems with your order. Please have patience with the order but feel free to email us at freefreenow@mutualaid.org if you have any questions. All orders are sent at the cheapest rate which is usally media mail but may be first-class for single copies of the zine. If you want it sent priority or flat-rate, you will need to include that amount in what you send us.

If you work at a bookstore, infoshop or run a zine distribution, please contact us. Also, review copies will be sent out to a limited number of zines. Contact us if you have interest in reviewing Heartcheck.

More information and images about this zine is available at www.freefreenow.org/heartcheck.html

Plug into the June 2005 Weekend of Resistance for Jeff 'Free' Luers at www.freefreenow.org/june2005.html

homepage: homepage: http://www.freefreenow.org
address: address: POB 3, Eugene, OR 97440

PDF?? 24.Apr.2005 11:51


Where can I just download it in PDF and print it myself?

pdf 24.Apr.2005 22:08


i think a big part of this is to raise much needed money for these political prisoners. if you just download a pdf, rather than spending a few bucks, it doesn't really help them out.

here's why there isnt a pdf? 25.Apr.2005 08:17

friends of jeff luers

There isnt a pdf and wont be anytime soon for a few reasons.

It has been a difficult task to figure out what to charge for Heartcheck. On one hand, we aim to raise large amounts of cash for the legal defense fund of Jeff 'Free' Luers and the release fund of Rob 'los ricos' Thaxton. Many people including the prisoners and outside support people have put large amounts of time and energy into this project and we have had to borrow the initial printing costs. We decided on the $7 price for a single copy because it will allow us to be able to raise a good amount of money toward that goal. While we understand that it sounds pretty steep for a zine, try to put yourself in our position. Legal costs for Jeffrey Luers' next appeal will cost $15,000 of which we have maybe 1/3 of that. Keep in mind also that many people wouldn't think twice of dropping $4 on a punk zine, the latest record or a pint of soy ice cream! Think of it as you are donating $7 to two political prisoners and in exchange, you happen to get a really good zine of original writings and artwork. When you look at it that way and realize that from that $7 we have to subtract postage, printing and supplies cost, you'll see we are rolling in cash. Also, keep in mind that the $7 rate includes postage costs.

We decided to have our stuff in the Clamor infoshop for many reasons. One, we trust them, way more than we trust some disgusting corporation like Paypal [which ends up taking way too much money and is generally, how do we put it, evil!] Secondly, Clamor has a very visible and engaging online infoshop that would allow us to raise awareness of Jeff and Rob's situation all over the world. Finally, the deal we have with them allows all of us to benefit from it and keeps the price at a reasonable rate.

We put this information out there for a few reasons. One is we have nothing to hide and we anticipate the usual suspects scoffing at the price. Not everyone can probably afford this and we are sorry for that. Maybe one day, we will be able to post it online although there are no plans to do so in the immediate future. Keep in mind that no matter how little money you have, Rob and Free have less-they make roughly 25 cents per hour or crappy labor they engage in at the Oregon prison system. We hope you find our explanation satisfactory but if not, please be in touch especially if you have constructive solutions.

Friends of Jeff 'Free' Luers and the Heartcheck crew
April 22, 2005

Why continue to play into the traps? 03.May.2005 14:28

rogue orrior--beyond perpetual war-rior

Municipal or state or federal soldiers are really decoys, and a trap that our emotions, our alleged "stupidity" wants to get us gummed up and stuck in.

It's time we see the reality of this set-up and move beyond its game whenever possible.

If you believe your path is to go smash "back" at persons fooled and tooled by the state, and you want, for some reason, to enter the halls of such ends, that is your choice. Just make sure you truly understand the system and what (if any) are its openings.

i prefer to avoid the soldierfied mind at every chance. i prefer to push for liberation via tactics that liberate *all*--realizing we *all* are victims of compulsory-formulated mind-set!

The real challenge is to see past the provocations designed to hook our attention and keep us distracted from holding onto the desires that originally brought us into these movements!

Consider the following:

Every provocation throughout history has been to get us to outfight them. ...Now, if we're sitting here somebody is monitoring us and then they're going back to tell their "superiors" what we're talking about. Now in reality, in reality, in that reality, these guys got all the 'power', right? --They got all the all the guns and money and laws.

...Now if they have all the power, then why do they have to have someone to come here and go tell them what we're talking about? Because they're afraid we might think. They don't want us to clear the pollution out of our mind-sets because we can do it by activating our thinking process, but every provocation they make is to try to keep us away from thinking things through!

If they have all the power, then why are they so concerned about what we think? Because, IT'S OF THE MIND!

And if you look at the reality we're surrounded in, you see that all those people, they have to have permission to think. That's called chain-of-command. See, so if you really really think about it, in their legions, THEY DON'T HAVE PERMISSION TO THINK, and this starts to even out the numbers.

But their generals, they don't want us to think. They want us to be lazy in our minds and basically lazy all around. They want us to quit thinking, and just REACT in the most hysterified way they can get us going in. And when we're hysterical, when we're ANGRY, we see "red" and we don't think through our inclinations and activity and tactics. And that is just exactly where the generals and elite officers of the status quo want us!
how deep is YOUR art?
how deep is YOUR art?