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It is to late. Time to dust off the passport!

Does it matter anymore? Changing the system from within? Uniting a opposition party? Revolution? Secession?
Time to dust off the passport! Oh and trust me it is not because of Negroponte or Gonzales. It is the lack of effort in those people who should be concerned. Its the lack of getting people to even bother with knowing even one of these things: history, global climatic change, current events, basic rights, civics, political systems or economic systems. I have finally came to the realization that Americans are down right dumb! Not ignorant. Ignorance would be those in other countries not able to access information due to lack of knowledge, economics and the burden of just trying to survive. No Americans are dumb to the core. They do not even know how to begin to see the dying planet that they are killing. They lack the brain cells to even be curious.

How many people who even glance at these indy medias bother knowing who Negroponte is? How many know the history of the death squads in central America? How many bother to inform their neighbors or friends or co workers? Oh yes the marches. So what! The only people who learn from the marches are those at the marches while the rest of the population flips thru the TV channels between commercials and eating chemically altered food. How many know what Blackwater, DynCorp and Titan are? How many care? How many really know what Patriot Act is? How many still believe Iraq was behind 9/11? How many think that the oil prices are just an Arab thing? How many still believe our government is innocent of war crimes? How many know what School of the Americas was or that they are still around under a new name?

Let us see how many people show up on May Day and let us see how the media covers it. If their are countless thousands and they take the message back to their neighbors, friends and collegues... then I will be hopeful. If the corporate media or should one say the corporate whores (I hope one of you vile disgusting corporate media sluts is reading this.. no offense to prostitutes by the way) even bothers spending time on the signifigence of May Day and its particapates then I would be shocked.

But unless something major changes then I am saying to my friends "it is time to go".

Oh wait! If I see people out in the streets tomorrow shouting they want "Change and Justice" or "Take back our country" .. well then I just join ya.
. 22.Apr.2005 03:57



hey hey ho ho 22.Apr.2005 04:13

uh ... what?

Shouting to whom?

Isn't it pretty obvious that nobody in power cares what people shout on a street in downtown Portland?

American dissidents are fixated on '60s protest strategies that didn't even work THEN.

"Revolutionaries" with any self-respect would begin armed struggle after the second stolen election in a row. The Powers That Be aren't even bothering to maintain a convincing facade any more.

Everyday Heroes 22.Apr.2005 04:41


The poster above needs a vacation. Even heroes need to be recharged. Once you are refreshed you will rejoin the fight against injustice. Authentic people have no other choice but to fight the corrupt and evil in power. We'll see you after a much needed respite and hope your fighting spirit is recharged for the struggles that are coming.

Cowardice and revolution 22.Apr.2005 05:47


Unfortunately, those are the options. Stay and fight against the devil or run and hide behind a coconut tree. The problem is that our devil has already been to the coconut tree, destroyed it and installed his boys in power. You can count the number of countries that are not beholden to our devil: Cuba (should always be in first place, hats off to you, Fidel!), Venezuela, (recently) Ecuador, (maybe) Brazil, Syria, Iran, Sudan, North Korea (beginning to see a pattern yet?). Most of these countries are too courageous to WANT to take in cowardly Americans so good luck. All the rest of the countries around the world are not really any better off than we are and most are much worse off, again thanks to bushdevil. So, to the cowardly American nation, unless you are going to stand on mountaintop and hitchike with the next ufo, you can do something about the antichrist in power or you can pretend it doesnt concern you OR run off to another country so you dont have to face the results of your irresponsibility OR you can gorge yourself on bigmacs with the remote on the other hand and lull yourself into imbecility. Ultimately, however, whatever decision you take that is not fighting the bushdevil, is nothing more than a postponement. None of us have any choice - we are going to go to battle either for him or against him - SOON! The comfy life which has made us guilty of genocide coupled to false ignorance is soon to be over and it will swallow you like chickenwings and spit the bones out before you can say, "I'm not interested" or "Wait until the commercial break".

Wherever you go, there we are 22.Apr.2005 06:53


99.9% of humans share the same basic cultural beliefs as George W. Bush. These beliefs are the foundational beliefs that make us different from the indigenous humans.

We can't leave this insanity because anywhere you'd go you'd meet the same social structures, institutions and beliefs.

Instead of leaving (impossible) or fighting (impossible) the beast, we should work to make it as irrelevent as possible and figure out a completely new way of living and being.

You and I are as much a problem as George W. Bush. Yesterday, I contributed to the earth's destruction through my lifestyle and actions. Is GWB responsible for my destructive ways?

A good place to start this journey is with Daniel Quinn's "Ishmael". I also recommend his other books including "Beyond Civilization".

staying to seceed 22.Apr.2005 07:04

cascadia is my home

See ya, chicken. I'm staying home to defend my place against these maniacs. Maybe after we do the hard work to make this place free and just, you'll drift back and judge the work we've done while you were running away.

inconsolability 22.Apr.2005 10:06


We live in a time of inconsolability -- a time when we want to see the results of our actions and instead are faced with defeat after defeat -- and this causes great suffering. Suffering is something that Americans are not used to, but it offers us opportunities. By recognizing the suffering we experience and recognizing its sources we can move into solidarity with our brothers and sisters who suffer around the world. To quote from a book by Dorothee Soelle (The Silent Cry) "the most difficult thing is to carry on carrying on in the face of a power that is unbroken and that couldn't care less." In this we can feel the silent cry of humanity that has suffered due to our lifestyle and ambitions for many years.
In light of the suffering we must not give up, rather we are challenged to steadfastly carry on knowing that only through this steadfast work for justice is there any possibility for the future. I could not live with myself if I gave up the fight and I refuse to let the bastards in power win by destroying my courage to resist. We can look to our third world brothers and sisters for ways to maintain joy in the midst of inconsolability -- as they have had years to learn.

Wait a second! 22.Apr.2005 11:54

soon to be another ex-patriote

I just heard Potter said no to the Homeland Security. Maybe there is hope.

As for the Cascadian who replied. I am a Cascadian too. I did not mean I would not continue fighting these fascists in another country. I just have been seeing too many people who claim they like the idea of Cascadia or simply social justice and ecological sustainablity and when I talk to them are they are so uneducated in the basics (sorry to all my friends who are reading this.. you are couragous and I deeply respect you, but lets face it you do not have the basic ablity to read a book that is 80 pages.. and you know who you are and the book I have distributed and now you know who I am). I try to convey to them to look and in some cases teach them, but lets face it this "new" generation (from teens to 50 year olds) all have ADD, barely can survive day to day under this system and lack the basic tools to deconstruct the news or worse "I do not listen, read or watch the news". But Potter today saying no to Homeland Security gives us glimpse of light. We shall see what happens in the coming weeks and month. Bill Frist this Sunday will declare whether he is going to "nuke" the filibuster. Will that wake up people to the fact we are in fascism? Will the streets swell on May Day with people of all the political spectrum who are outraged over the injustice that dominates this planet? We shall see. Will the economic collapse of the dumb middle class of Amerikan Petro-Narcotic Empire finally awaken them to the fact that they are ponds in a class war? Doubt it, but lets see. How many are running to bankruptcy attorneys? How many are seeing their dollars vanish into increases of transportation costs in the form of higher food bills and other commodaties? Will they just take out more debt to cover debt? What about all those yuppies with their homes they bought in the 1990s will they finally wake up to the fact they are now the target of their glorious leaders? Doubt it, but lets see. Potter gives me hope. He is a true Cascadian!

Hey soon to be 22.Apr.2005 13:15

cascadian again

Just want to say I do identify with and relate to your frustration. Sorry to be so snippy in my comment. I do feel that so many of us who really want to make a better place here forget just how hard, and unfortunately long, that work is. You know Thomas Paine's phrase "Sunshine Patriot"? Worth looking up and reading his essay, which talks exactly about the need to stick it out exactly when it seems that all is lost. "These are the times that try [people's] souls." I guess we all have to keep trying in whatever way we can.

stop giving them your money 22.Apr.2005 15:05

buy local

You know, I don't think it starts with reading any particular book, or marching in the streets, or any political action. Just STOP GIVING YOUR MONEY to the corporations and the gov't. The more money you earn, the more tax you'll pay. The more you shop at Safeway, etc., the more money will go to Republican campaigns, etc. Take away their power.

Last night, I was at a 9/11 discussion group meeting. Many people there had driven their cars, one person was eating corporate candy, one person was using Windex on the TV set and way more than necessary I might add. I think almost all buy their clothes new without much thought as to where the clothes are made or who profits. It's heartbreaking how many activists don't get it.

Do you, "soon to be", buy your food at a corporate store or a local co-op? Do you buy new things you don't need?

- food from co-ops
- locally made, organic fiber clothes
- you can do without an automobile, or get a diesel and run biodiesel if that's not practical (because you have tools to carry around for your livelihood, etc.)
- make, fix, or use recycled things whenever possible
- etc., etc.

Anticipating the excuse that there just isn't enough locally made items or they're too expensive: the more people do this, the more we will have a local community producing necessary items that we can tap.

whoa, dude, 22.Apr.2005 16:04

it's not THAT bad

> 99.9% of humans share the same basic cultural beliefs as George W. Bush

Fortunately, that's NOT true ... Bush couldn't even win an HONEST election HERE. America in general and especially the wackos watching Fox News are utterly out of phase with general human thought. The problem is that this small minority is a large fraction of America, where we happen to live, and they have a huge amount of POWER.

to "Buy Local" 22.Apr.2005 16:23

from that "book"

The "Monkey Master" fable

A Fourteenth Century Chinese parable by Liu-Ji, for example, outlines this neglected understanding of political power quite well:[7]

In the feudal state of Chu an old man survived by keeping monkeys in his service. The people of Chu called him "ju gong" (monkey master).

Each morning, the old man would assemble the monkeys in his courtyard, and order the eldest one to lead the others to the mountains to gather fruits from bushes and trees. It was the rule that each monkey had to give one tenth of his collection to the old man. Those who failed to do so would be ruthlessly flogged. All the monkeys suffered bitterly, but dared not complain.

One day, a small monkey asked the other monkeys: "Did the old man plant all the fruit trees and bushes?" The others said: "No, they grew naturally." The small monkey further asked: "Can't we take the fruits without the old man's permission?" The others replied: "Yes, we all can." The small monkey continued: "Then, why should we depend on the old man; why must we all serve him?"

Before the small monkey was able to finish his statement, all the monkeys suddenly became enlightened and awakened.

On the same night, watching that the old man had fallen asleep, the monkeys tore down all the barricades of the stockade in which they were confined, and destroyed the stockade entirely. They also took the fruits the old man had in storage, brought all with them to the woods, and never returned. The old man finally died of starvation.

Yu-li-zi says, "Some men in the world rule their people by tricks and not by righteous principles. Aren't they just like the monkey master? They are not aware of their muddleheadedness. As soon as their people become enlightened, their tricks no longer work."

The "Monkey Master" fable 22.Apr.2005 16:25

that "book"


Rise Up! 22.Apr.2005 21:07

Another Cascadian

Rise up!

We gotta be cool. Our time will come. 22.Apr.2005 23:17


[Quote}99.9% of humans share the same basic cultural beliefs as George W. Bush

Fortunately, that's NOT true ... Bush couldn't even win an HONEST election HERE. America in general and especially the wackos watching Fox News are utterly out of phase with general human thought. The problem is that this small minority is a large fraction of America, where we happen to live, and they have a huge amount of POWER.[Qoute]

"They do not have POWER, they have Authority! Their money and religion give
them access to that authority....their police and military give them violent
access to that authority. They do not have POWER!

Power comes solely from the "common people."

In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse

twospiritwarrior, one correction 23.Apr.2005 02:19


"their police and military give them violent access to that authority." Is it their military and police if we simply open the eyes of those in the military and police to what is really going on? And given that the military families especially the career military families and the majority of the police will be directly effected by cuts in the Veterans Affairs I wonder just how long...

To those who serve to protect freedom and democratic process I ask you to think... Is "nuking" the filibuster democratic? Is spying on civilians expressing freedom of speech part of what our founding father's would want? Was not bankruptcy laws sent at the begining of the foundation of this great nation? Who really honors the troops those who demand that the troops fight wars based on lies and never attend one funeral like Bush or those who wish them to return from harm's way and actually attend the funerals of those slain during their service of the country like Ted Kulongoski? As the civilians ask questions about whether we have a democracy anymore I ask that those who serve to protect ask a reflective question inside "are you truly protecting democracy or standing in the way of democracy?"

Sad Left 23.Apr.2005 10:35

Friend of a Friend

"Anyone who will read this book attentively will see that it gives no kind of assurances about the victory of the revolution or the duration of its operations or the rough roads it will have to travel, and still less about its capacity -- sometimes rashly boasted of -- to bring perfect happiness to everyone. Less than any other, my conception -- which is historical and strategical -- can only consider that life should be a trouble-free and evil-free idyll, for the sole reason that it would be pleasant for us, and that the evil doings of a few owners and leaders alone create the unhappiness of the masses. Each person is the offspring of their works; as passivity makes it bed, so it shall lie in it. The most significant result of the catastrophic decomposition of class society is that, for the first time in history, the old problem of knowing if men [sic] as a whole really love freedom finds itself superceded, because now they are going to be compelled to love it.

It is fair to recognize the difficulty and the immensity of the tasks of the revolution that wants to create and maintain a classless society. It can begin easily enough wherever autonomous proletarian assemblies, not recognizing any authority outside themselves or the property of anyone whatsoever, placing their will above all laws and specializations, abolish the separation of individual, the commodity economy and the State. But it will only triumph by imposing itself universally, without leaving a patch of territory to any form of alienated society that still exists. There we will see again an Athens or a Florence that reaches to all the corners of the world, a city from which no one will be rejected and which, having brought down all of its enemies, will at last be able to surrender itself joyously to the true divisions and never-ending confrontations of historical life." Guy Debord, Preface to the Fourth Italian Edition of the Society of the Spectacle

One will dispair when one joins the dominant dialiectic of this side and that side, when one needs to reform or educate on some illusion among many put forward by an illusory system. You will be more content when you center your response to advanced capitalism's affects when you seek to understand the commodity-consumer system that births them and the poverty of the spectator-lives that it has molded and the inherent and growing rebellion in even the most "uneducated" and "ADD" members of this false society who find themselves in need of a life without illlusions, leaders or parties or any of the frozen ideologies you still remain beholden to as a leftist member of the ecomony of consumption and therefore the consumption of all economy.

wants you? 24.Apr.2005 17:26


What makes you so cocksure that anyone else in the world wants YOU???? Americans aren't really all that desirable as houseguests, maids, gardeners

or next-door neighbors these days. They always buy all the toilet paper up and think all the local women want to do it with them. They let their own country slip into a fascist nightmare and now they want come co-exist with the third world BECAUSE IT'S CHEAP to hang out there. It's hard to believe their forefathers were actually bloody-handed REVOLUTIONAIRIES. All I can say is GOODBYE AND GOOD-RIDDANCE. You'll probably never get back in again, so when that brain tumor starts to really hurt....ahh..fergettaboudit..... Oh-so you want to go to France? They REALLY don't want you. Neither does Germany, Italy, England or Myamar. We're ALL Ugly Americans now.

well Rat not you! They do not want you in their country 24.Apr.2005 23:50


not every person holding "american" citizenship is a typical american archie bunker type. and rat who said france? oh and as for your glorious medical industry in amerika it ranks 36th in the world equal to the economically sanctioned cuba. amerika the perfect is an amerikan fallacy generated by hollywood and outdated cold war propaganda. amerika revealed is a laughing stalk of the world. a post industrial country without universal health care. a country whose leader would want you, the peasant, to believe in faith healing over science.

why you? 25.Apr.2005 15:15


hey G:No offense, but why would they want you? Please tell me. And please tell me why you're still here if it's such a terminally rotten place? Who's talking about Archie Bunker types anyway? 60's references have no bearing here. We are, probably righteously, being all lumped together as ugly 'Mercans thanks to Bush & Co and their illegal war, 911 lies, election stealing, etc. etc. Hell, look at how we demonized the French over NOTHING. I'm sure Fidel provides great medical care for free. Unfortunately, everyday life there resembles funky Third World poverty any way you cut it. (I know, it's 'our' fault). Don't you get it? As long as people still believe there's a chance at restablishing democracy here, the rest of the world has some hope. If we go down in some total apocalyptic fascist flame-out you can bet your ass that the rest of the planet won't be any picnic by then either. Just the economic fallout alone will be globally devastating. If some other country wanted me to emigrate, I'd be wondering WHY. I'm no brain surgeon or scientist. So many American citizens are so cajoled and paralyzed with fear that escape to another land seems like a rational idea. I know people moving to Australia. Not far at all from the active, simmering volcanoes of Indonesia and the rising oceans of the southern latitudes. So who really knows where the future will be better? Or be at all? Must I support Bush to still love my country? Should I allow these ignorant assholes to drive me out of my own homeland simply because they're too ugly to contemplate? I don't blame anyone for having a knee-jerk reaction to what's going on here, but to actually pledge my faith and future to the internal mechanizations of a foreign power is a step best taken with extreme caution. Especially considering the latest changes regarding passport use in general for Americans. The new RFID chips in the new passports will enable the tracking of traveling Americans no matter where in the world one goes. You just can't escape. That seems to be the motif: There's really no where to run in the long run. Perhaps becoming a Nomad is the answer, but that passport is still the mark of Cain in this Babylon.