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Hot Russian line

The project "Hot Russian line" intends to bring information on current problems & questions of social movements in Russia
to the international audience, artistically using the concept of tactical television.
The project is made in a form of five video-clips dedicated to key social topics which are: leftist movement, illegal immigration, IT development, 1st Russian Social Forum and a look from Russia at Ukraine and its orange revolution. The clips will be released gradually in a period of time from April, 8th until April, 22nd. Each clip is followed by its text transcription and a forum, on which everyone can ask questions or discuss these issues. "getto" project participants will be there to answer.

The project is prepared in a cooperation by "getto" crew and Igor Sacharow-Ross.

Just check:

homepage: homepage: http://www.media-activist.ru

thanks 22.Apr.2005 07:38

ruskie ezeek

Excellent site, good info. Thanks for the invite!