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ITS TIME!... to Create A Multiracial International Peace Movement Headquarters

The military movement has their headquarters in Washington DC. The multinational corporations have their headquarters in Wall Street and the stock Market. Why doesn't the Peace Movement have a headquarters? Its time... Time To Create a PEACE MOVEMENT HEADQUARTERS!
Portland, 7 p.m. Live And Work For Peace! Would you like to live, work and promote peace among people who are working for peace? Would you like to network in ways that form real community? In ways that form a level of solidarity that hasn't been seen in Portland since the days when teepees were the only skyscrapers against unpolluted blue skies and swaying emerald fields? Learn how! The Portland Community of A Better World Is Within Reach P.E.A.C.E. Network will present a free, Multicultural public workshop concerning creating sustainable villages, based on cohousing and intentional communities. The action community, the people's community: Communities networking for Peace! The way to ensure that people are empowered to work for peace! All people are welcome. Minorities and all marginalized groups are strongly encouraged to attend. Free vegan Refreshments. Laughing Horse Books, 3652 SE Division, Portland. ABWWRPeaceNetwork-Portland.

Hope you all can make it!

We have our multicultural, sweat equity system world wide now on the campus activism website found below:  http://campusactivism.org/displayresource-417.htm

Or you can see it on the front page of their website in the resources section:

Next Public Meeting

The following network of peace communities meeting will be:
Time: 7pm-9:00
Date: Friday, April 22nd, 2005
Location: Laughing Horse Bookstore, 3652 SE Division St. Portland, OR 97202
Light Refreshments served free of charge.

 http://www.abwwrpeace.org or e-mail: abwwrpeace "at" resist.ca

homepage: homepage: http://www.abwwrpeace.org