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BiG Forest Defense Benifit for: Cascadia RiSiNG!, Biscuit Legal, Stumptown EF!, and more!

Saturday, May 14th at 8:00 pm at the Alberta Art Pavillion at 2315 NE Alberta.
Benefit for Cascadia's forest defenders!

Saturday, May 14th at 8:00 pm at the Alberta Art Pavillion at 2315 NE Alberta.

Help support a few of the Northwest's finest grassroots forest defense groups. The fun starts at noon at the Alberta Arts Pavilion (2315 NE Alberta) with a beer garden and music (during Alberta Street Art Hop).
At 8:30, the Siskiyou project will present a slide show of some of the logging on our public lands, followed by music, food and drinks, a silent auction, and more. No cover charge but donations accepted at the door.

We are in need of three bands and spoken word poets or performance artists who can donate their services for this important cause. Also, we need three poeple to serve beer who have their state server?s license.

For more information, or to help volunteer, call (503) 249-6343. If you are a band or an artist who can help on May 14 please contact copenhagen@riseup.net or call 503-230-9078.

The benefit is for Wild Siskiyou Action, the Biscuit Legal Fund, Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project, and Stumptown (Portland) Earth First!

See ya there!

homepage: homepage: http://www.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: (503) 249-6343

addition 21.Apr.2005 20:17


-Current scheduled bands include:

-Conterfeit Cash (a Johnny Cash cover band)
-Riot Cop
-Mike Dodd & the Revolutionaries (from Eastern oregon)
-a jug band

-also a Spoken Word show & Fire Dancers & a silent auction & tarot card readings

-food will include pizza & sushi (VegAn too!)

Patrick Dodd and Small Revolutions 24.Apr.2005 14:52

Mary Birmingham-Dodd smallrevolutions@earthlink.net

It is Patrick Dodd and Small Revolutions that is playing and you can check out their music at  http://patrickdodd.com

War Eagle
War Eagle
God Looks Down
God Looks Down
Baren Ground
Baren Ground

Economic Racism 29.Apr.2005 11:29

So perfect

It's so perfect that a group of white middle class liberals would put on a benefit in the middle of a street that has become one of the many North East and north portlands frontlines of economic and class racism.NO COMPROMISE IN DEFENCE OF THE EARTH !

Know your Enemies 30.Apr.2005 13:24

Mary Birmingham

Hmmmm. Well some of the folks involved are white middle class liberals, but not all of us. Many of us are poor, some are homeless. Some others have been homeless some time or other in their lives. A few are or have been poor and/or homeless by choice; many others not by choice. Not all of us are "white", but there is an overwhelming racial imbalance not only in the movement, but in the rural geographical areas in which the movement largely takes place. Many of us are involved in economic struggles of our own; and many of us have been involved in organized class struggles in the past from homelessness to labor movements, as well as anti-war resistance and anti-racism politics. Some of us even grew up in poor inner city neighborhoods. Some of us would be offended by the label "liberal", though I suppose it would be preferred to "conservative". It is important to know who your enemies are; we are not the enemy.

In fact please join us; come up and introduce yourself to Patrick Dodd the Songwriter of Small Revolutions. You will like Patrick.

the CaMU 02.May.2005 14:22

a cascadian

coin design

a few moments while listing to mos def 05.May.2005 00:56


while a pretty picture of a tree, it seems sad anytime nature is destroyed-changed-transitioned only to make implements that imate it, honor it rather, by displaying its 'symbol'. as if the representation, is somehow stronger, calling in the essence more than the origional, reality -life is what i really mean-

trees alive,
mountains a high, burst ap a rt trees topeled ..

to make metal [sic?] for a coin..

but then again, if ya gonna have generic [common] 'trade' or economic units, why not have trees on them.. i saw one of those state court-ers one time maybe was vermont, anyway a pretty tree, another has a peach :) -but then maybe it is like havin a 'democrat in office', a nice senory illusion..

but really, i wonder what this has to do w/ a 'benefit' for the forests. cause really what this is a bout, gonna be for me anyway,

is a chance for us to celebrate -live, dance, have fun. 'cause right now [for those of us in
ptown that night] we live in the fuckin city, not the woods. and we can take this day/night to
feel some love and send it out and share in some of that green stuff people trade around a lot
in civilization a ayuda those quien son luchando por la tierra..

thoughts thought s words words

Flyer for the event! 06.May.2005 22:58

Please Help

If you think you can't do anything for the forests, you can always help distro these!
flyer (PDF)
flyer (PDF)

Hey, waitaminnit.... 13.May.2005 11:21

confused fan

I know I read on another announcement for this event that To@st was playing. Are they or aren't they? Because of course this is all for a good cause and all anyway, but I was planning to come just to see To@st, because it said they were playing in that other announcement.

PS All right, so like I said, it's for a good cause anyway. But, you know, there are SO many things to be doing this weekend. So if I know for sure who is playing, it makes it easier for me to do the right thing and attend.

Yes, Toast is on the flyer 13.May.2005 12:46

so they must be playing.

If you click on the flyer, you will see "Toast." So yes, it looks like they're playing. It looks like the "update" is from an older post, possibly before Toast signed on. I know, I'm with you. Good cause, but Toast makes it even better.

The real scoop 13.May.2005 20:56

Thimble mesa(at)cascadiarising.org

Please see the updated event announcement for complete information:

I don't know what Feral is responding to above, but for the record people should know that they aren't a member of the group organizing this benefit, and they aren't playing at the event. Nor is Riot Cop, as reported on alternative flyers posted all over town. We nonetheless have a full lineup, and there will be music most all day and night. Please look at the updated announcement, and come prepared for a good time. We aren't trying to exploit anyone, only put on a much needed and long overdue party for dedicated activists, and raise money for their scrapin-the-barrel Non-violent Direct Action tactics. Thanks to the Alberta Arts Pavilion for inviting us to into their gallery, and to all the members of the community that have donated towards food, drink and prizes. Hopefully we'll see lots of sun tomorrow, but we've got shelter even if it rains on our celebration. Happy Friday the 13th!