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The Bush Millenium

During the run-up to the presidential election of 2000, our world went through some serious changes as the result of a long series of unexplained events. One of them was the death of John F. Kennedy Junior...
Kennedy's plane had a black box. No other private non-jet plane on earth had one. ...
...the battery had been removed, destroying all record of conversation in the cockpit.
The corporate media suffers from selective amnesia. This is how power is controlled,
by controlling the time frame in which critical imformation is disseminated.

For economic reasons, all the media wants needs is a plausible explanation, that can be broadcast "while the story is hot", before the public loses interest. This works to the advantage of those who would rather have the true story buried. And buried is the correct word for many that occurred during the "fin de seicle".

In the death of Kennedy, the facts that were found by the FAA and published as the official record absolutely contradict the information that was disseminated by the press in the wake of his "accidents".

It was not an accident, it was an assasination.

Links to the National Transportation Safety Board findings in the Kennedy case can be found here.

This story will be continued.

David Roknich,


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VERY GOOD reporting 21.Apr.2005 20:57

Progressive Democrat

by David Roknich of DOGSPOT -- thankyou.

Right on 21.Apr.2005 23:31


And what about Paul Wellstone.

And for that matter, what about Jack Heinz (Theresa Heinz previous husband-- the one who is married to John Kerry.)

Political assassinations are a dime a dozen. Think it can't happen in the USA? Think the Government wouldn't know something wierd about the New York World Trade Center?

Well, I know that Roknich isn't surprised by all of this.

But what do we do about it?

J.F.K. Jr. wanted to know who killed his dad 22.Apr.2005 03:31


J.F.K. senior wanted to curtail the power of the Federal reserve system. This system is truly not federal, it's owned by private bankers, and the're able to get money printed by the U.S. Treasury for a small charge, then turn around and loan money to the U.S. government at Interest, and others.It is what is driving the national debt up! They would not allow him to live and implement the change. They're linked to the Zionists and Jesuits who are trying to regain Jerusalem as the world's capital for their TOTALITARIAN WORLD GOVERNMENT. JFK jr. was too much of a threat to them, so they had him killed. They really do not care for Americans and they're responsible for the attack on America. The plans for the destruction of the trade center in 1976 by the US military were drawn up when Bush Sr., Cheney, Rumsfield and Nelson Rockerfeller were in high office.

THE ROCKERFELLERS WANT MONOPOLY. The Federal Reserve System backs up their loans with American LANDS signed by Nixon. So you have a system that is putting people in servitude to credit that profits the select few.

The way to get people to give up their rights is to create fear and terror. Hence the Terror attack on 911. I do think it was planned for by Americans in high office and executed by the Mossad, with their knowledge.

Who benefited most?

Prior to the attack the state of Israel was suffering terrible publicity from its bulldozing Palestinian homes, building its wall and killings of Palestinian children, even a journalist waving a white flag.

Then this government gets a warning from Israel's intelligence that there were operatives in this country, directed by Bin Laden and Sadamn Huesein getting ready to do something big.

Then just after the attack 5 Israelis were found, dancing and celebrating the attack while filming it at Liberty State Park. These were later found to be Mossad. Despite dogs sniffed explosives in their Moving Van, they were later deported by Michael Chetoff.
Mr. Chertoff, has American and Israeli citizenship.
Dr. Pastore explains the Mossad's questionable activities during this time frame. Over 200 Mossad agents are caught around the country, some are filming defense buildings, some are at nuclear power plant sites with plans, and some were even caught in the Mexican Parliament building with EXPLOSIVES. All were quietly deported.

Read the history of the Mossad. Formed by the ZIONISTs who won Israel's independence BY DRESSING UP AS ARABS AND BOMBING THE KING DAVID HOTEL, killing both British and ISRAELI citizens, they're experts in security systems, and their motto is "BY WAY OF DECEPTION THOU SHALT DO WAR" Their leader Ariel Sharon has been charged with the massacre of over 2000 people including unarmed women and children. The Zionists in Israel bombed American sailors on the US Liberty killing over thirty. Israel claimed it was an accident, but an Israeli soldier said he tried to get it stopped and was arrested.

 http://www.freemasonrywatch.org/libya.html Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad agent tells how the Mossad got America to bomb Lybia.
Do some research and see how much of the media is owned by Zionists, how many Zionists are in top positions of the government and military here in the USA.You should look  http://www.antichristconspiracy.com/HTML%20Pages/AntichristConspiracyHTML.htm
at the book for the influence and spying of government documents by the Anti Defamation League.

911 was a Mossad operation pulled off by very clever deception, intended to get Americans to fight their war for expansion in the Middle East. Probably they had the help of high administrative American Zionists, and Israeli businessmen. (Logan Airport, cell phone companies.) They also have the sympathy of many Jewish owners, the Trade Center owner who later said building seven was pulled, or demolished with a controlled explosion. Funny that's what the towers looked like too.

Somebody in Israel knew, how else can you explain that only one Israeli died in the Trade Center collapse? Odigo sent out a warning it was going to happen. You say but there were many American Jews who died in the collapse. I agree. ZIONISTS WANT THE JEWS TO MOVE TO ISRAEL!

Judaism puts God as supreme. Zionism puts the expansion of the state of Israel as Supreme.