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Shoot the Messenger: Full Story of Wounded Iraqi Shooting Death - VIDEO/Text

Shoot the Messenger
April 20, 2005

Last November when a US marine shot dead an unarmed, wounded Iraqi in a Fallujah mosque, the story created international headlines. In fact, it was the biggest scandal to hit the US military in Iraq since Abu Ghraib. What we still don't know is what actually went on outside the frame of that now infamous image? What were the personal choices involved, the ethical decisions that had to be made? And what did that incident reveal about US reporting from Iraq. In his first international interview, the journalist responsible for capturing that awful shooting spoke with Dateline's Sophie McNeill, and a warning - this story contains strong language and confronting images. Let me say that we've left some particularly graphic scenes in this report because we believe they're critical to understanding exactly what happened that day in Fallujah.


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