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Negroponte Approved: Senator Wyden voted AGAINST the Confirmation

Sen. Wyden was one of two, that's right two senators with enough courage to vote against confirming John Negroponte. The other was Sen. Harkin from Iowa.
Wyden questioned whether Negroponte had adequately reported human rights abuses as ambassador to Honduras in the 1980s.

"I believe the record of the ambassador's service there is particularly telling in terms of his judgment and his willingness to confront difficult facts, which I believe are two key requirements for the director of national intelligence," Wyden said.

If you want to call the senator to thank him for doing the right thing the number is (503) 326-7525
Wow for the first time Wyden did something right 21.Apr.2005 23:45


Wow what happen Wyden? Did you grow a spine? or was it the fact that you knew you were out voted anyway?

And what the fuck happen to Boxer?

Are we just being played by these democrats?

Wyden voted 22.Apr.2005 00:28

against Gonzales too

So that's two things


He Isn't Perfect, But He's Alright 22.Apr.2005 13:17

Mistletoe Angel

I was never expecting Negroponte to be a controversial vote like the Gonzalez and Bolton ones will be, nevertheless this is a particular act of leadership on Wyden's part.

I hope he can be consistent with that and adopt being an oppositional Democrat rather than someone like Howard Dean who'll suck up to Bush's policies.

Noah Eaton

Senator Wyden Did Something Else Right! 22.Apr.2005 17:29


Dear Indymedia Friends:

Please don't forget that Senator Wyden voted against the Iraq War. This is huge. He votes our way on most of the things that really matter.

glad to see this particular vote 23.Apr.2005 00:42


the senator simply MUST speak up about the logging of old growth reserves, roadless areas, and wilderness in the Biscuit in southern 'Oregon'. it is inexcusable that he has not done so yet.

And he's pro-CAFTA, dammit! 24.Apr.2005 00:30

bacchus christ

Wyden votes for economic warfare. He's a liberal capitalist who's for direct, corporate rule. That's what you get with these "free-trade" agreements where corporations can sue governments for interfering with their profits, in secret.