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Beyond Barney: How PBS accidentally showed that Rove stole the Florida vote

comment:I watched this frontline on pbs about rove, it wasn't very nice, but not very revealing either. At the end of the doc: "karl rove declined to be interviewed for this episode". If you have seen "bush's brain", they roll the same thing at the end of their doc. Jane Stillwater caught something I didn't in this frontline. But, if you want to know rove, watch bush's brain instead. Bush doesn't call him turd blossom for nothing.
I can't believe it! Frontline, the PBS news show, just explained to us on national television just exactly how Karl Rove managed to jimmy the election vote both in 2000 AND in 2004! And Frontline exposed Rove purely by accident too. They didn't MEAN to give away Rove's trade secret. But after they got done quoting our Karl, even Barney the Purple Dinosaur could have put two and two together and figured this one out.

According to political commentator John Machado, "On a recent Frontline segment featuring the grand accomplishments of Karl -- the architect -- Rove, the bottom line reason that Rove's vote goal was reached in November of 2004 was that 'his base came out' after the polls had indicated that Kerry was the winner by a comfortable margin. Does Rove's base, the holy rolling Right Wing, vote only after 5 PM?"

Rove's base came out AFTER the polls had already implicated that Kerry was the winner? Karl Rove actually said that? Wow!

"It seems," Machado continued, "that the holy rolling Right Wing 'came out' all of a sudden .. around 8 PM ... and in 2000, too, just when Karl needed a 50,000 vote bulge...and he got it in Broward County, of all places...50,000 magical votes showed up after...after 8 pm...after 8 pm....when all the polls...almost always correct polls...readily called Gore the winner in Florida... handily..." Double wow!

"The Frontline program presented Rove's image as one of hard work, dedication and cleverness," stated Machado. "All true. But, there is one more tool in the architect's bag.....and, it has been the difference maker. When all else fails, and your team has ended the game one foot short of the goal line......use your remote to change the score on the scoreboard."

Why is this information so important? Election security expert William Rouverol explained it to me the other day over lunch (turkey sandwiches on home-made bread with Greek olives and lemon meringue pie from Berkeley's famous Bread Workshop!): Rigged votes can only be changed late in the day because the riggers need to find out how much rigging they could get away with before they can make their move.

According to Rouverol, "Vendors need at least six hours, with NO rigging, to see how much rigging in the last six or seven hours is needed in order to win the election. Either too little or too much rigging leads to trouble; failing to win or exposing the fraud by making the manipulation too blatant." That probably also explains why Florida state troopers were sent out to limit access to the polls directly before and after closing time....

I'm so happy that Barney...er...Karl Rove...spoke up the other day and explained this to us. "At the last minute, we energized our base." Yeah right. Traditionally, base voters usually vote early in the day. Just before closing time, people are usually kinda reluctant to go to the polls.

Can you imagine Rove actually calling up recalcitrant Republicans just before they were about to sit down to dinner and ordering them to RightMarch out the door to vote? "It's 7:55 pm! The polls close in five minutes! Dubya needs you! JESUS is telling you to vote!" Would the Republicans have actually left their fried chicken and key lime pie to go vote? They might have. Would Rove actually have been busy calling Republicans at 7:55? He might have. But it's far more likely that the election was rigged.

This statement of Rove's is extremely important. It implicates him in the election rigging scam -- and with Rove implicated, the finger is also pointed at George Bush.

Both Bush and Rove belong in jail.


thanks Jane 21.Apr.2005 20:09


Thanks Jane. Nice catch and description.

Clint Curtis 21.Apr.2005 21:42

How About

What's the latest on Clint Curtis, the alleged programmer that jimmied the voting machines. Last I heard he was being interviewed by the FBI. Did the wolf eat him for dinner?

Excellent Article! 22.Apr.2005 00:00


Very well written and documented. This is what I have been thinking....but you put it into such brilliant commentary.

It is not quite so comical when you realize that the neo-cons now have total control of the US elections, but I thank you for the giggles. Your last two sentences were the most important.

Bush and Rove Not the Only Guilty Ones 22.Apr.2005 01:56

GreenPartyMike ollamhfaery@earthlink.net

Good article but there are a few names missing from the guilty docket.

Ohio Secretary of State: Kenneth Blackwell former member of Foreign Relations Committee. Allegations continue that Blackwell was involved in the attempted coup in Venezuala as well as the actual possible electronic coup in the US.

Candidates: John Kerry and John Edwards for allowing democracic integrity to be stolen. It has been alledged that these two corporatists and militarists were more concerned with maintaining the status quo, thereby continueing the corporate agenda, then in fighting for the countless African Americans and others who, just as in 2000 in Florida, were disenfranchized.

Further, as the Green Party Re-Count, instituted by Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb showed, there are very serious questions on the entire integrity of the voting system in Ohio and anywhere else that "black box" voting systems exist. The Kerry/Edwards team, or team John-John if you like obviously considered stability and the status quo more important than this possibility. They left, as did the completly discredited corporate media, and took their $45 million war chest with them.

It took the Cobb/Badnarick team three days, from having NO Money to raise the needed $130,000 to ensure that the Re-Count effort could be legal. Also given that Cobb was the legal, nominated candidate for the Green Party gave us the legal loophole to ensure the Re-Count HAD to get underway. I was at the Green convention in Milwaukee and we never understood just how important this would be for the future. This is especially ironic, given just how the corporate, keep the status, corporate quo, cowardly dems acted against Ralph Nader in oregon, michigan, Ohio and elsewhere. As a personal note, they did not get away with that kind of shit here in Minnesota because the Kuchinich Dems threatened to bolt if they tried it here. I was the Minnesota co-ordinator for Cobb and was collecting sigs to get Nader on the ballot. In Minnesota, many of us Greens say " Cobb-Nader split my ass" The only ones who gain from that talk is, you guessed it, the corporate dems.

Which leaves me to where I am going with this. I was there, in Ohio as an official observer in Seneca and Eire counties. I witnessed with my own eyes and heard from others, including David Cobb on machine manipulations, before and during the count, voter suppression based on color, ballots being opened before we observers arrived, polling stations open and with lights on at night and a whole host of other problems in Ohio.

I am also a candidate running for US Senate, as a Green and I can guarantee you that we shall be raising these issues, not just of the stolen democracy but of the Kerry/Edwards response to it. Not to mention the media blackout of it.

Yes, we understand that there will be a media blackout of our campaign, we are planning for it and are, right now planning on how to break past the corporate media blockade.

The campaign is still in it's infancy, we shall make mistakes but damn it, we are planning, we are serious and we will not back down.

Feel free to check out our website, spread the word and help us in any way you can.

Peace, Justice, Grassroots Democracy and Ecological Wisdom. Not just a dream but needed for survival.

It's a hoax 26.Apr.2005 03:55


Here's the transcript of the Frontline show:


I read the entire transcript to find anything close to what is reported below, without success. I did computer searches for the following phrases, extracted from Stillwater's blog report:
* "after the polls"
* "base came out"
* "after 8 pm"
* "energized"
Nada, zilch, zippo. I cannot find these words in the transcript -- yet they form the basis of this attack. The whole thing appears to be a fraud -- made up from thin air! And it has been published on dozens of other blogs, as well as on Al Jazeera, the TV choice of terrorists and Ms. Stillwater.