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Milwaukee: Sounds From Taking Over UWM Chancellor's Office

74 people took over UWM Chancellor Carlos Santiago's
office last friday, april 15th, at about noonthirty.
low fi recording, with voiceover and a couple audio
snippets from Iron Sheik's single "Olive Trees."
Class dismissed.
noonthirty friday. a15
74 college students, journalists and assorted others
went into the chancellors' office looking for him.
Not there. In the regents' room? nope.
Consensus was gotten quickly to go find him at 1:30
where he won't be able to duck them anymore.
An "ask the chancellor," face to face with the
corporate media. Or is it just Panther television?
Remains to be seen. Channels 10 and 12 were present,
NPR was there, and other Panther TV reporters were
present as well.
More later as this story develops.



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some pics from UWM protest at Chancellor's Office

"This is beautiful. Good to see some hell-raising going on over at Milwaukee."

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