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Continuing Work Against Measure 37

Bulleting from OnnwardOregon concerning fixing problems with Measure 37
Fix Measure 37
without Giving Away the Farm

It's been almost 6 months since the passage of Measaure 37. Now is the time to minimize the harm done. Please follow the link in this email to our Measure 37 web page. From there you'll be able to send a message to the chairs of the land use committees and your legislators in Salem. It just takes a minute. Go to Onward Oregon's website to send your message to your legislators >>

Oregon has a 30-year legacy of using land use planning to protect farmland, neighborhoods, and natural resources from uncontrolled sprawl. It's been good for Oregon's economy, good for our neighborhoods, good for the environment, and has protected Oregon's family farms.

Measure 37 was a call for fair compensation to landowners particularly harmed by land use planning. It was not a vote for unrestrained sprawl on farmland or abandoning environmental protections. And it should not be used as an excuse to eliminate the safeguards that have kept Oregon a great place to live. Read on for more information or go straight to our web page to send your message to your Oregon legislators >>

The Action
There are three critical messages that legislators need to hear right now:

Waivers aren't fair. Measure 37 threatens to give a privileged class of property owners special rights, even if those rights harm neighbors. The Legislature should fix this problem by helping the neighbors of Measure 37 claimants, not by granting broad waivers that make the problem worse.
Create a fair compensation system. Rather than giving some people special rights, the Legislature should focus on paying the landowners who are owed under Measure 37. Development credits, which don't raise taxes on ordinary Oregonians, should be the focus. Development credits are used in other states, and they work. By focusing on paying for actual losses and not windfall profits, we can keep Oregon a great place to live for our grandkids.
Dont give away the farm. State Senator Charlie Ringo is talking about a fix (SB 1037) that eliminates some Measure 37 claims, in exchange for a radical weakening of the land use system. Some compromise may be in order. But a radical weakening of the land use system is a bad deal for Oregons future.
Take action now
Go to Onward Oregon's website to send your message to your legislators >>

You are also invited to visit our Measure 37 in-depth page for more background information and research links >>

Thank you,
Lenny Dee, Linda Bebernes & Rick Ray

P.S. Thanks to the Oregon League of Conservation Voters for partnering with Onward Oregon on this campaign.
Great example 21.Apr.2005 04:01

Lucy Parsons

These critical messages are a great example of activist lingo that's impenetrable to the rest of the world. I bet I support the goals, but I don't understand them, so I don't know. I wish our side would make up talking points that are easy for everyone to understand.