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bolton didn't get out of committee

More investigation
Boxer, Kerry, Biden, Voinovitch (R) from ohio took control from Lugar and talked him into waiting for more information from state dept. on Mr. B. Bolton will probably drop out here if he can spare Bush some the BIG TROUBLE some of us are hoping for.
Maybe they are finally getting their game on.
rawstory.com headline 19.Apr.2005 15:19


Vote On Bush Envoy Unexpectedly Delayed...........

mass murder, miscellaneous atrocities, that's fine, 20.Apr.2005 15:12


It is indeed bizarre that murder, rape, and the mass incarceration of innocents in Iraq -- or wherever else we're not hearing about it -- doesn't seem to be worth much hoopla in the Senate but calling your subordinates nasty names is a big deal.

All I can think is:

- It's juicy; people hear about a little of it and they wanna hear more; but it's not so disgusting that they DON'T wanna hear more, like Abu Ghraib is

- They're worried that the guy might be clinicly insane

- His abuse may be related to managing incoming intelligence for political purposes, destabilizing the already unconvincing official story about why-war-in-Iraq and keeping the "Bush lied" meme much closer to the surface than the Rescumlicans would like