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John Conyers reports on first meeting of election commission

Representative John Conyers (D-Mich) reports on the travesty offered by the Baker-Carter election commission after its first meeting today --

Carter "a very lonely voice of sanity"

The first meeting of the Baker-Carter election commission was disappointing and, at times, outrageous and tainted with racially-charged innuendo. Let me make absolutely clear that I greatly admire former President Jimmy Carter and believe he was insightful and on-target throughout the hearing. However, given the incredible lack of balance and profound lack of good faith demonstrated by some of Carter's fellow commissioners and many of the witnesses at this hearing, at times he seemed to be a very lonely voice of sanity.

The remarks of Mr. James Baker, III, which were echoed by a number of right wing political operatives called as witnesses, seemed to have a singular purpose of spreading hoaxes and conspiracy theories about ineligible Democratic voters being allowed to cast votes. The remedy was cleverly repeated like a broken record, "photo ID, photo ID, photo ID." Right wing pundit John Fund was called as an "expert" witness by the hearing and offered racially charged proposals with racially charged rhetoric.
Right-wing pundit John Fund offers racially-charged testimony

The substance of the testimony alleging "voter fraud" was a fraud itself. One panel on "access and integrity" inexplicably included two partisan Republican political operatives, Colleen McAndrews (most recently a leader in the successful campaign to recall former California Governor Gray Davis and described as a "behind the scenes force in Republican politics for years") and John Fund (of the notoriously far-right Wall Street Journal editorial page). Fund's Wall Street Journal Editorial Page once promoted bizarre claims that then-First Lady Hillary Clinton had participated in a cover-up involving the death of former White House Counsel Vince Foster. Today, his hoax appears to have shifted to claims of "voter fraud"(though I am sure he would say Senator Clinton is responsible for that, as well). The remedy, per Fund and McAndrews, - restrictions on provisional ballots and new voter identification requirements.

At the outset, Mr. Fund laid bare the nasty, racial underbelly of these proposals. The right-wing has been long engaged in tactics to suppress minority votes, but rarely lets slip about such tactics, as Fund did today. In a discussion about provisional ballots, Mr. Fund said that Congress should allow precinct workers to determine whether a provisional ballot should count because they would know who "looks as if they belong in the neighborhood." Wonder what he meant by that?

But we don't have to wonder what effect the discarding of provisional ballots would have on voters, particularly those that are racial minorities. As detailed in the House Judiciary Committee Democratic staff's report Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio?, the Republican Governor of Ohio rightly predicted that such a rule would result in discarding 100,000 valid votes. In one county alone, 1,100 eligible voters, who voted the correct ballot in the wrong precinct, had their ballots discarded. Fund wants to bring Blackwell's tactics to the rest of the country so what went wrong in Ohio, can go right for Republicans across the country.

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all so typical 19.Apr.2005 21:42


So Jimmy's the dupe again, the 'sober voice' of the last president that anyone, even Republicans, think had any honesty. He's just a showpiece to lend credibility to the mess. Doesn't he get it? You would have thought that he did when the Republicans holding some major offices and heading departments now (Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc.) obstructed foreign policy in Iran and thwarted the release of the hostages. Did Jimmy think that it was just coincidence that they were released on the day that Ronnie was inaugurated? Did anyone with any brains think that? What a show...And it was the real beginning of what we're seeing now every day.
He ought to save his reputation, and not lend his voice to anything like this. It's a setup, Jimmy. Get it?

Reality is Daunting 20.Apr.2005 05:51


Nice try. So, the fascists are trotting out "Nobel Peace" Jimmy Carter to mask the election fraud.
The benefactors of the e-voting systems will not relinquish their control without massive public protest, of that I am now thoroughly convinced.

After months of following the exposures on Bradblog and Conyers extensive election investigations there can be no doubt as to the criminal fraud that poses as our legitimate Government.

I have tried everything legal to affect change but I am nearing the end of my patience with the system as my efforts produce no tangible results. I guess burn-out is a very real possibility. We need more participation from the masses before most politicians will act on our behalf.