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9 days left! Help plan an emergency rally for fair judges
As you may have read in our message yesterday, in the next 9 days Republican leaders are planning to launch their scheme to break the rules of the Senate, seize absolute power over judicial appointments, and stack the courts with extreme judges. This is the moment to pull out all the stops. We need to hold a rally in every urban area in the country next Wednesday, April 27, at 5 PM, to demand that the Senate stand up for our rights. To do that, we need two volunteers from each area, one to find a location and take care of some logistics, and the other to contact the media. Can you help?

If you can fill either role, please click on the corresponding link below:

Location & logistics

We need someone in each area to help us find one location where MoveOn members can rally next Wednesday; then touch base with the police to make sure they know it's going to happen; and finally, take care of a few logistical details at the rally. We'll tell you everything you need to know. Can you help? If so, please tell us here:


Media outreach

We also need someone in each area to reach out to local media outlets, contact them on the phone and by email so they know about the rally, and speak to local reporters about the event. Again, we'll train you and tell you everything you need to know. If you can help, please fill out our survey here:


If radical Republicans sieze absolute power to pack the courts with extremist judges, some of our most treasured rights, like basic environmental protections, the right to privacy, and even the 40-hour work week would be in danger. A rally in your area, as part of a massive national wave of protest, could help sway enough votes in the Senate to stop them. Can you help make it happen?

Thank you for all that you do,

óJustin, Ben, Tom, Rosalyn, Carrie and the MoveOn PAC Team
Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.
Hey Move-On... 19.Apr.2005 13:31

Jean Valjean

What's in it for us? I mean us Progressives, Anarchists, Socialists, Libertarians n' like that. How many times do you think you can diss us, before we say "Fuck you!" I'm sayin' it now. You're nothing but a Democrap front. Fuck you!

Gimmie a break 19.Apr.2005 14:17


Jean Valjean, come on. Why don't you stop looking to get offended. Either you approve of this issue or you don't. Either you're against it or you're in the way, so grow up.