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any reports from anti-war rally in salem today?

i saw the announcement posted to this site and am wondering how it went.
here was the announcement:


Olympia rally 19.Apr.2005 08:10


Correction: you are refering to the rally in Washington state, at the capitol in Olympia. Eight of us (and two children) showed up with huge peace banners and flags. A light wind in the dampness made it rather cold in the morning until the sun showed up more after noon.

Rep. Jim Moeller of the 49th District came out and talked to each of us. Two of the group did speeches recognizing the power legislators have to keep our nation on track. While we were on the front steps, we realized most people were going out the back entrance. Before heading home, we stopped in downtown Oly to fill our appetites for food. Even though we were a small group, it left me with a big feeling of fulfillment that we worked for peace.