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Forest defenders block road to Fiddler Timber Sale in the Biscuit again!

(3:40 am 4/18/2005) Biscuit forest defense activists erected a multi-layered blockade at Fiddler Timber Sale in the Siskiyou National Forest (again) to continue the fight against the logging of the Biscuit Fire Area. This is the most extensive blockade established yet in the battle for the Biscuit. Around 3:30am today (April 18), the first log truck of the day encountered six defenders with their arms locked into colorfully-painted 1,200 pound concrete-filled barrels. Directly behind the barrels, a traverse line was tied across the road, anchoring a line supporting a bipod 120 feet further back. This set-up effectively block[ed] the road into the timber sale in three seperate places.
4/18 fiddler road block
4/18 fiddler road block