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The Earth First! Round River Rendevous Roadshow is
trucking up and down Cascadia this April and spreading the
love of defending wilderness. Come learn what we're up to this year.

The Earth First! Round River Rendevous Roadshow is
trucking up and down Cascadia this April and spreading the
love of defending wilderness. 2005 marks 100 years of the
US Forest Service mismanaging our public lands, but it also
marks 25 years of Earth First!(EF!) resisting their
destruction. To celebrate this Anniversary of Resistance,
we'll be showing and EF! History slideshow that will bring
you from the first action, through the yesteryears and up
to present day. This year is also the 100th years
Anniversary of the Industrial Worker's of the World(IWW),
who have been at the forefront of the radical labor
movement. Their history and how their movement affected the
environment will also be covered throughout the roadshow.
The Roadshow isn't just celebrating such a momentous
year and history. We'll also be talking about the here and
now. Someone from the frontlines of the Battle to Save the
Biscuit will be there to talk about their struggle, what
has happened and why they are fighting for this special
area. There will also be many other presentations that
apply to our struggles today; such as why we do what we do,
and a show & tell of Nonviolent Direct Action tactics and
the wild beings that motivate us to take these actions.
The Roadshow was born from the already overworked Round
River Rendevous organizing comity, so we'll definitely be
informing folks about this years gathering. It's going to
be held in the majestic forests of the Mt. Hood National
Forest. You'll be sure to find more music, games, and
workshops than your heart could desire.
Emma Goldman once said, "If I can't dance, I want no
part of your Revolution." This statement applies as much
today as it did in Emma's time. So to invite one and all,
the Roadshow will be bringing along tons of Revolutionary
music and entertainment that you can shake your booty to.
Along the route musicians such as Alice Dimicele, Peter
Wilde, Casey Neill, Timothy Hull and MC NO Money will be
spreading their words of Resistance.
So Come on down to one of the EF! Roadshow stops and
see what we're up to this year. It's bound to be a fun and
crazy time. Invite a friend and don't forget your dancing

Arcata - Wedns. April 20th
Goodwin Forum HSU
Alice Dimicele, MC NO Money

Selma - Thurs. April 21st
Selma Center, GYM
5:30- 7:30
Alice Dimicele, MC NO Money

Eugene - Fri. April 22nd EARTH DAY
Fir Room, EMU, U of O
Peter Wilde, MC NO Money, Inkwell Rhythm Makers

Portland - Sat April 23rd (2stops)
Elliot Hall rm 314, REED College
Casey Neill, MC NO Money

Food For Thought, PSU
6:30 - 10pm
Tomothy Hull, MC NO Money, members of Ahbury Park

Hood River - Tues. April 26th
Dog River Coffee
Josj Benevides, Jesse White

Bellingham - Thurs. April 28th
Science Lecture Hall, Western
MC NO Money, local Bluegrass

Oly - Fri. April 29th (2stops)
Evergreen early afternoon
Private Residence evening
(waiting on more details on these)

homepage: homepage: http://www.earthfirst2005.org

Eugene showtime: 7:30 20.Apr.2005 18:08

gim ef@cascadiarising.org

The Eugene show is at 7:30 pm.

so many people 21.Apr.2005 09:41


Hey Hey Hey!

That sounds soooo fun, when ya'll gonna come out East? We want Casey Neill and friends, too!!