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MTV casting Real World on Tuesday April 19 in Portland

MTV is casting a Real World in Portland tomorrow from 10am-5pm downtown. Any one feel like protesting?
In the Willamette Week:
MTV representatives are mum whether its hit show The Real World might plant its 17th season in Portland. But casting directors for the program are scouting the local gene pool of 18- to 24-year-olds for "the true story of seven strangers, picked to live in a house and have their lives taped." An open casting call takes place at City Sports Bar and Restaurant (424 SW 4th Ave.) from 10 am to 5 pm Tuesday, April 19. Applicants are asked to bring a recent photo and photo ID.

scripted drivel 18.Apr.2005 15:30

kill your TV

turn it off, don't buy into this 15 minutes of fame crap. TV keeps the masses off the street, MTV makes you stupid and wastes your life, your dreams, your goals, your hope...

"real" world not real of course 18.Apr.2005 15:31

not an MTV fan

i lived in Boston when the "Real World" was there. i heard stories like the time they kept an entire subway car clear of everyone except who they invited on (just the cast of course) for the filming. so it's not like it's really the "real" world they film in when they do this shit.

i suppose this could possibly be an opportunity for someone who wanted to get on the show for the purpose of spreading subversive political messages, but probably someone like that would have trouble passing their dumb-test. (i'm sure that's what they do.) plus, even if you DID get on, what a miserable life!

location says it all... 18.Apr.2005 15:42


the location says it all - "casting call takes place at City Sports Bar". Future leaders and those people that will go down in history books usually don't hang around in sports bars. Sports is kinda like TV unless you play them...watching sports and hanging around in bars watching huge TV screens is sure to make you fat, narrow minded and stupid, it's also know to make you do the same old thing, drive an SUV and think travel to other parts of the world isn't fun. Appologies if you actually play sports for fun and live a balanced life - in that case it's all good and your cool, but you have to admit it says something about the people they are trying to find that they would hold the call at a sports bar doesn't it?

... 18.Apr.2005 15:45

this thing here

it's sad watching people who aren't actors act like themselves...

aw crap. 18.Apr.2005 16:29

el toro


we need to dominate it! 19.Apr.2005 11:55




get on it, infiltrate it, then take it over!

PORTLAND'S BIG CHANCE 19.Apr.2005 12:07


C'mon now. This is Portland's big opportunity to give MTV a 'Real-World' dose of reality. Let the little wanna-be celebs play house. Keep 'em up all night with protests, fireworks, atomic car stereos. Follow 'em around town and use 'em as an excuse to protest everything from crappy corporate music to the overabundance of fur in Rap videos. MTV represents everything that went wrong in America culturally. Remember the original music videos? There was a promise of independent artistic expression with unparalleled distribution. A home for non-corporate filmakers and musicians, a new world of multi-media, democratic and hip like Rock and Roll itself. What did it morph into? Soft-core porn with boobs, Cadillacs, Britney's belly-button, disco-beats, gold chains, lousy fake 'metal' bands, endless disco dolled up in phony punk fashions, stupid reality shows with whiny suburban losers with their brains between their legs, horribly racist black stereotypes of ho's and pimps talking trash, (whatever happened to rap as "The Black CNN"?) How come it's now "Hip-Hop" and not "Rap"? Just like Punk and New Wave. House and Disco. Change the terminology first, the music will follow. Been watching the "Rock" countdown on MTV2 lately? It's all disco-beat neo-Duran Duran clones. They're trying to recycle the boring 80's now! How bankrupt can they get? Having these teen-pimps in PDX is a blessing in disguise. Use 'em as a vehicle of protest and education. Welcome to Cascadia. There should probably be at least one real Portland Punk Rocker in the cast if it does happen. Infiltrate and Destroy. Viva La Bam.

Worldwide, Baby 19.Apr.2005 12:38


Lokal, I'm inclined to agree with you. As someone who is relatively new to Portland, I am somewhat amazed that the Rose City has earned itself the nickname "Little Beirut", and am disturbed at the thought of what the most conservative cities and states in this nation might be like. Why is it a bad idea to expose this show's demographic, (i.e. young people), to an enlightened, broader perspective? I think it's a great idea to use one of the establishment's "weapons of mass destruction" against itself to undo some of the brainwashing...

Clarifications for Rat. . . 19.Apr.2005 15:10

black people music

Rap is a subset of hiphop. Disco preceded house. Punk "authenticity" is what you use to police the borders of your subcultural ghetto. I am a jerk who is wrong. That is all.

I know disco, rap & punk came first 19.Apr.2005 18:22


Dear BPM: Thanks for clarifying that for me. I'm always glad when I get an incisive response to my talking points. Now what do you think about MTV? Protesting MTV? The state of popular music? You did sign as Black People's Music. That's a heavy handle, even for PDX, so let's hear what you think. I know it's gonna be good. How about an Mp3?

like rat's idea 19.Apr.2005 21:18

subvert, yeah!!!

Follow them around, be in their way, and get our message in their faces, I like it.
Only trouble is, it would soon get boring and stupid, probably after the first day.
But, if they are going to come to our city let's give them HELL!!!

Yes, the Little Beirut title was earned under Bush the First, with rowdy protests against the earlier Iraq war. Sad, but true. Now we parade around an empty city, beat some drums and let the cops run circles around us. Post 9/11 security and fear has done its job and is very effectively keeping us in line. Or something.

What does it mean that MTV is coming to portland? 19.Apr.2005 21:45

silly red

It means that the sub-culture here in Portland is finally safe enough to be sold back to us. It means that Portland is starting to lose it's rep as Little Beirut and gain one as a cool place for Indy music and liberal people who want this culture to continue. If that 's what Portland is then they'll have no problem finding people who are willing to help them out, but if Portland is still the place that I love and if Cascadia is still ready for a good fight then I welcome MTV here. We will not let them use us to sell their shit. If they try then we'll show them were we get our rep and send them back to hell with a camera up their ass. The corporate machine thinks that were finally willing to take apart in their system, are they right? Infiltrate and destroy, remind America that there is still one place that's willing to fight, one place that will not sell out! Long live Cascadia!!! May our sisters and brothers blood not help to sell shit on corp. TV.

so what happened on the 19th? 21.Apr.2005 13:01


so what happened on the 19th? Update anyone?

Misunderstood... 27.May.2005 00:26


The casting people from MTV and the producers have never said they are considering filming in Portland. All they did was a casting call, which they did in about oh... seven other cities. So pretty much ya'll are arguing about nothing, when the idea to have the show in Portland was never even stated. Last time I heard, casting calls happen everywhere, and the people on the show are never all from the same place, or even usually the city it's filmed in.. Yah.