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Biscuit Defenders Block Road to Fiddler Timber Sale Again!

A brazen direct action against the corporate interests trying to steal Oregon's national forests. (again.)
BISCUIT LIVE REPORT: 3:40 am 4/18/2005

Biscuit forest defense activists erected a multi-layered blockade at Fiddler Timber Sale in the Siskiyou National Forest (again) to continue the fight against the logging of the Biscuit Fire Area. This is the most extensive blockade established yet in the battle for the Biscuit. Around 3:30am today (April 18), the first log truck of the day encountered six defenders with their arms locked into colorfully-painted 1,200 pound concrete-filled barrels. Directly behind the barrels, a traverse line was tied across the road, anchoring a line supporting a bipod 120 feet further back. This set-up effectively blocks the road into the timber sale in three seperate places.

So far no law enforcement officers have been on the scene. We will be updating regularly to this post as the events unfold.

homepage: homepage: http://siskiyou.cascadiarising.org
phone: phone: 541-659-2682

Thanks, Keep up good work 18.Apr.2005 04:52

the doc

Thank You to all who keep(s) everyone else on their toes.
The Judge(s) are missing the mark so got to make our own.

UPDATE - 4:45AM 18.Apr.2005 04:59


First law enforcement on the scene around 4:15 (only Forest Service law enforcement at this time) FS Officer Williamson arrived first, was very gruff and unhappy. He aggressively shook the lines supporting the bipod, which could potentialy endanger the person in the pod. Spirits were more than high. Around 5 log haulers, 7 loggers (including John West, president of Silver Creek Timber) are stopped in their tracks. The person in the bipod invited John West out for cocktails (no word yet on whether or not he's accepted).

Update -- 4:55am ... They're having the log haulers back up and move to the side of the road (possibly to make room for incoming vehicles?)

UPDATE - 5:30AM 18.Apr.2005 05:39


Update for 5:30am ... almost a quarter-mile of log trucks, loggers' rigs, and law enforcement vehicles are stretched out in front of the blockade with no way through. A police line has been established and the supporters are separated from the blockaders, but everyone can still see each other. Officer Williamson has been inspecting / fooling around with the support lines to the pod and has been overheard saying that they could tie into the support and lower the pod. (That would be VERY dangerous)...

And the sun is starting to rise...

UPDATE - 6:30AM 18.Apr.2005 06:56


Update: Josephine county sheriffs dept arrived on the scene. They (for no apparent reason) decided to move to police line back a few lengths, separating the supporters and bockaders even further.

a few minutes later: Sheriffs and FS law enforcement have begun to forcibly move the 1200 lb barrels with the people still attached! Each barrel has two people attached to it by one arm each. Their arms are inside the barrels to above the elbow. There isn't much wiggle room for their arms... If a barrel tipped or the person couldn't move with it, they could be seriously injured...

The sun is up now....

Tense situation 18.Apr.2005 07:44


I am on extreme edge for this tense situation. I hope everyone gets through this without any mishaps.

UPDATE - 7:30AM 18.Apr.2005 07:46


Update: All three barrels (each with two people attached) were moved to the side of the road. The cops used a winch to attach to the support line of the bipod and began slowly lowering the bipod. When the apex of the pod (where the sitter sits) was a little over 5 feet from the ground, the legs of the pod began to wobble and threatened to buck. To protect his own safety, the pod person decided to jump out of the pod to avoid falling, and was not injured. After the pod person was arrested, the folks in the barrels voluntarily unlocked from their lockdown positions and were also arrested. There was a total of 7 arrests.

Much love and many props to all you hardcore blockaders! You are loved! You rock! Thank you, thank you, from the wild siskiyous!

Thank you for the updates. 18.Apr.2005 07:54


Great job everyone!!!!! Thank you for the frequent updates. We are following the situation closely and appreciate the current information....Keep it comin'.

NICE WORK! 18.Apr.2005 10:15


Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

peace & love to you!

Some Pictures from the Blockade 18.Apr.2005 13:28

Fiddler's Friend

There weren't a lot of good pictures from this complex blockade, owing to the many hours which took place during darkness, the intentional pushing of the police line back out of picture range, and the aggressiveness with which this blockade of non-violent was dismantled. Despite all that, there were a few pictures that I can use to set the scene. Later we might be able to post some of the amazing video footage, which captures law enforcement creating extremely dangerous situations in order to remove the protesters with great haste.
 A row of concrete barrels, with a 25 foot bipod poking up out of the background
A row of concrete barrels, with a 25 foot bipod poking up out of the background
The workers were greeted by a series of banner in the roadway
The workers were greeted by a series of banner in the roadway
And friendly protesters who cheerfully explained why the logging must be stopped
And friendly protesters who cheerfully explained why the logging must be stopped

More Pictures from $8 Road 18.Apr.2005 14:00

Fiddler's Friend

Here's the last few...
Each barrel weighed 12-1400 hundred pounds
Each barrel weighed 12-1400 hundred pounds
An intrepid pod-sitter balanced precariously on two legs 25 feet off the ground
An intrepid pod-sitter balanced precariously on two legs 25 feet off the ground
Despite the early time, 2-3 dozen logging vehicles were held off for hours
Despite the early time, 2-3 dozen logging vehicles were held off for hours

thank you! 18.Apr.2005 14:37


thanks from the kids who for one reason or another couldnt be down there with you. keep givin them hell.


Thanks for givin 'em hell !!!! 18.Apr.2005 15:32


y'll rock...
thanks for fighting for those wonderful woods and keepin up the ruckus, i wish i was there with you... i love you all!!!

Great work! 18.Apr.2005 16:13

Teddy Bayer

Kudos to the activists who blocked the road. You are costing the timber company money in lost time. And thanks to the reporter/photographer too!

thanx 19.Apr.2005 00:22


Thank you guys so much. we wish we could be there to support you.

thank you! 19.Apr.2005 01:50


thanks for your brave defense of our forests!!

Thanks from your supporters in Colorado! 19.Apr.2005 11:40

Kaye J

There are supporters all over the country cheering you on because you are on the front lines of the new "timber policy". Keep up the good work!

Go people go 19.Apr.2005 21:16


Thanks for your courage and great spirit to stand up for what is important.
We are so proud of your work and wished we were there to support you.
We love you.
PA and DF

The World is Watching 20.Apr.2005 13:43

sliver thistleprick

People are aware of what's going on. Maybe not everyone gives a shit, but the word is out. Anyone and everyone who can play a role in the Biscuit will be needed. The is the real deal. If the forest service can open old growth reserves to logging because of nourishing wildfires, all greedy timber companies have to do is toss a match in a LSR, and--voila!--permission to log granted.

Let's hope the governor's recent statement to Washington in favor of protecting roadless areas will not come to naught. Upcoming court cases to potentially dismantle the Biscuit are possibly months away. Now is the time for people to find their role and involve themselves in the Biscuit. More than ever before the statement rings true: It's now or never!

The Only Way To Protect Our Forests .... 21.Apr.2005 09:40


Well done to everyone who was there. Your passion and courage are admirable and are an example for us all.

Unfortunately, the ONLY way we are ever going to protect Cascadia's forests is through liberating Cascadia from Amerikan Imperialism.

Protect our forests, rivers and wildlife by supporting Cascadian Independence and the Evergreen Revolution.

Download - Gene Sharp's
Download - Gene Sharp's "From Dictatorship To Democracy"