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Vancouver: Conscientious Objector and Draft workshop for teens a success

Today's Conscientious Objector and the Draft workshop was a reeling success! About 30 teens and numerous adults shared pizza and refreshments while they learned some pointers on filing as a coscientious objector. Kay Ellison of Vancouver for Peace led the 2-hour session. Cindy Fisher did initial "ice-breaker" games and John G. of the War Resisters' League in Portland explained some requirements.

The difference between being a pacifist and a conscientious objector was explained. A pacifist will not use violence, even to protect themself, while a C.O. is conscientious opposed to all war. Two identical forms were distributed, one for those from religious-based communities, and the other based purely on one's conscience. The form is to be submitted and mailed, along with a copy to oneself. It was recommended to mail it certified, signature receipt requested. One could also give an attorney their copy and/or put it in a safe box.

[ Vancouver for Peace ]