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AUDIO FILE: Interview with Ward Churchill

While Ward was in town for his Reed college appearance, I had the opportunity for a quick interview with him. In this 30 minute interview, he explains and defends those comments which led to his recent notoriety.
Ward says that many people have written to him and remarked, by way of criticizing his stance on free speech, that free speech has consequences, insinuating, I suppose that he should be fired for his explanation of why the World Trade Center was attacked on September 11, 2001. " I would point out that if it has consequences, it's not free; by definition. They've got no conception of it; they've got no conception of critical engagement; they've got no conception of the right to express and opinion; they do have a conception of order-an order to maintain business as usual, period."
When asked about his calling those who lost their lives in the WTC attack "little Eichmans," Ward stressed that they were "little," that "they were what was symbolized by Eichman, that is, people who engage in pursuit of structural efficiency and perfection, of structure, of system, of process that generates human carnage as a result. They do so knowingly, amidst rationalization, justification, prevarication and so forth, in order to further their own interest irrespective of the cost and consequence to others.
If you can engage in that, if you can rationalize it, if you can moralize it to a justification, if you can do what ever is necessary in order to participate irrespective of the cost and consequence, then you are symbolized by Eichman, because that is after all, what he excelled at. He was the consummate technician, bureaucrat of genocide. He was not a killer. He didn't kill anyone himself, he just made the killing not only possible ultimately efficient, to further the interests of the system in which he found himself"
When asked if this could be extended to consumers of that society, Ward said that "it could, it doesn't necessarily. One consumes by virtue of existence and you are in the structure. The question is not whether or not you consume or whether you adopt particular postures and stylistic gestures in terms of lifestyle, it's a question of whether you deliberately and in all consciousness do what you can do to oppose and transform the system that generates these results. You will participate, by virtue of breathing, the question is whether you offset that participation with opposition, and the people in the Trade Center that I was referring to were a sort of technocratic core of Empire, were not in opposition in any sense at all. They were vested in furthering and maximizing the efficiency or maximizing the profit, which symbolizes the efficiency of that system."
And this is just the first 4 minutes of the interview. Ward continues describing the machinations of the U.S. Empire, in the Far East, in the Middle East, in South America, and closer to home, the holocaust visited upon the Indigenous populations of the American continent and U.S. complicity in the African slave trade.

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