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Enron and My Power Bill

My power bill was gigantic this month. More than $100. I couldn't believe it. It's just been going up up up, no matter what I try to do to save energy. And I know I'm using less energy than I was using last year. So I called the utility company, and was told, "off the record," that yes, it does have to do with Enron. We're paying extremely high prices for power, in effect, to bail out the industry after the Enron scam.

Apparently, it's legal! Tell me how this works? Why is Kenneth Lay living in a mansion while I bail out an industry that allowed him to suck my hard earned money, which I need to support my family, right out of my pockets? And why are we now sitting in the stands just watching, while industry officials and politicians wrangle over who they will sell our power company to now that Enron is bankrupt? These utilities are no longer theirs to sell. This is OUR energy. We bailed their asses out, that makes them OUR power companies now. No, we don't have to buy anything from those corrupt pigs. And no, they don't get to sell them to anyone else. PGE is not theirs to sell anymore, it's OURS. We paid for it, fair and square. [ Read More ] [ Do something useful: Oregon Public Power Coalition | More PIMC articles on Enron ]