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From bus rider to potential terrorist? Multnomah County Sheriff threatening Fareless Square

As has been reported in the local media and pdx indy media a Mr Giusto [Multnomah County Sheriff] has pushed the idea that potental terrorists are using the fareless zone of Stumptown. So how did he come to this conclusion? And what is this country leading to?

Well apparently removing a fareless square would give "code enforcement" officers an increase way to harrass those individuals unwanted by the upper classes and unwanted by those that submit to the corporate complience of society marching to outward police state. Any police officer complying to such silliness should be relabeled as "code enforcement" and put down their badges in shame...

So who are the terrorists riding our buses? Arabs? Muslims? Sikhs (because they wear turbans)? Maybe those teens? Maybe hippies? Maybe the homeless? Maybe the black clad anarchists? Maybe black people? Maybe Mexicans? Since the US has decided that E.L.F. and A.L.F. are terrorists I guess Mr Bernie Giusto would chose them first.

background: [ loss of fareless square? ]