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Tax Day signs on Burnside Bridge (war tax resistance)

Fri. April 15, Portland, Ore.

The local chapter of the War Resisters League and friends held signs to passing drivers, walkers and bicyclists on the Burnside Bridge Friday morning.
Taxpayers in the U.S. are paying over $1 billion dollars a day to the military. This averages out to $10 for each household every day to the I.R.S. for defense.
If the United States military expense in Afghanistan and Iraq were included, the U.S. taxpayers are paying over $1 billion a day more than any other countries' citizens in the world are paying for their military. This includes Russia, China, Germany, India...

Little pix of demo 16.Apr.2005 03:01


Clicking on the tiny photos above returns a larger and easier to see picture.

Correction on Website for War Resisters League 16.Apr.2005 22:56

Sam Diener

It's great to see the action. The website listed in the photo, however, goes to the Williamsburg Regional Library in Virginia. The War Resisters League site is actually at www.warresisters.org. The international network that WRL is a part of has a website at www.wri-irg.org

Portland is for Peace 16.Apr.2005 23:28

Sign Holder

There were literally hundreds of positive responses to this action - smiles, waves, honks, thumbs up and peace signs, from cars, busses, trucks, bikers and cyclists - and less than a dozen negative responses (I saw 6, everyone else saw 3 or 4).

I have to conclude that a majority of Portland taxpayers would rather their taxes went to non-military uses (except that nearly everyone agrees that veterans benefits need to be increased).

Portland's chapter of the War Resisters League conducts workshops every third Monday at 7 PM on the basics of resistance and redirection.

There is also an international movement which in the US is called the Peace Tax Initiative. This would recognize the right of a consciencious objector to have his or her federal taxes kept out of the military machine. It has already been passed in Italy. I believe that now is the time, when so many are so disgusted with national policy, to renew our efforts to have this bill get out of committee and into the fresh air of common knowledge.