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from bus rider to potential terrorist?

As has been reported in the local media and pdx indy media a Mr Giusto has pushed the idea that potental terrorists are using the fareless zone of Stumptown.
So how did he come to this conclusion? And what is this country leading to?

Well apparently removing a fareless square would give "code enforcement" officers an increase way to harrass those individuals unwanted by the upper classes and unwanted by those that submit to the corporate complience of society marching to outward police state. Any police officer complying to such silliness should be relabeled as "code enforcement" and put down their badges in shame.

Bush's second cluster of four years is manifesting itself as a continuing reign of terror on the people. Placing Negroponte as intelligence czar will begin the death squads that the local police will either be bought off by (Giusto would be such the official to embrace that) or the local police be out gunned by what will "appear" as vigilante groups and skinhead gangs (who will secretly be funded by Negroponte's opperatives). Sounds fictious? Sound like "liberal" propaganda. Just wait. Wait until the debt collectors take your car and house away. Wait until the cost of living rises beyond the salaries of the filthy shallow yuppies. Wait until oil prices cause the price of transportation of people, food and other products to reach a level will make the cost of living unliveable for those with two part time jobs. Wait as the states of Oregon and Washington go backrupt while trying to give a sense of protecting its citizens basic rights while the Federal government privatizes everything to Bush's fascist elite.

So we stand on the edge of an overt police state and within a society that will outwardly be the victim of corporate predators.

What does a terrorist look like? Well. They do not look like you and me, right? They well are foriegners or do not dress nicely or can not afford a car or wear anti-American propaganda. The terrorist wear black, masks themselves and refuse to give ID when asked. Wait is the hip teenage anarchists or the riot cops. I confuse who is who. Oh wait the anarchists are unarmed.

So who are the terrorists riding our buses? Arabs? Muslims? Sikhs (because they wear turbans)? Maybe those teens? Maybe hippies? Maybe the homeless? Maybe the black clad anarchists? Maybe black people? Maybe Mexicans? Since the US has decided that E.L.F. and A.L.F. are terrorists I guess Mr Bernie Giusto would chose them first.

Of course Bernie Giusto wants such more intrusion into who you are, why are you here and where are you going. He wants the "right" people to be on those buses going to work just like the Nazi's wanted the trains to run on time and to be clear of social misfits. Maybe we can have trains for the misfits like the Germans did, Mr Bernie Giusto?

So who is Mr Bernie Giusto? Well let the Willamette Week tell of some of his background. Remeber he is a lover of respect and order.


For more than 15 years, the media, including this newspaper, has danced around the conduct of Sheriff Bernie Giusto, who was an Oregon state trooper and Goldschmidt's bodyguard and driver from 1987 to 1989, the first two years he was governor.

Giusto was always more ambitious than the average cop. A graduate of Willamette University with a degree in political science, he won the first of three terms on the Gresham City Council in 1989 while serving as Goldschmidt's bodyguard.

Around that time, according to numerous Goldschmidt staffers and state officials, Giusto also began an affair with the governor's then-wife, Margie Goldschmidt.

While Giusto's dalliance with the wife of the man he was protecting is the stuff of soap operas, the greater significance is that Giusto knew about Goldschmidt and "Susan."

Last month, Giusto appeared before the Senate Rules Committee for a confirmation hearing on his reappointment to the board of TriMet, the regional transportation authority.

Under questioning from state Sen. Vicki Walker (D-Eugene), Giusto acknowledged that he had learned the story about Goldschmidt and the young girl but did not say exactly when or how.

Giusto didn't report the information to his superiors, he testified, because he believed the statute of limitations had expired. (Law-enforcement officials say he was correct.)

Giusto argued he had no duty to pursue further information because there was no evidence that Goldschmidt represented a danger to other children. "In my two years with him, I never saw anything that led me to believe that there were other victims," Giusto said.

In a follow-up interview, Giusto maintained that had he alerted superiors, he might have smeared Goldschmidt unjustly. "It would have been unethical for me to have opened an investigation," Giusto explained. "My only obligation was to make sure there were no other victims around--it was not to quit or confront him."

While Giusto says he didn't pass information about Goldschmidt on to law-enforcement colleagues or others acting in any official capacity, he wasn't completely discreet. He told at least two other people in Goldschmidt's administration.

One is Debby Kennedy, a former Nike executive who was then serving as the state's director of tourism and now heads "Brand Oregon" for Gov. Ted Kulongoski.

Kennedy says that early in 1990, Giusto told her the governor had had a "messy situation" with a young girl years earlier. Kennedy says she told nobody and did nothing.

"I just can't tell you how many rumors there were about him then," Kennedy says. "So many were ridiculous, and this struck me as just another. I mentally flushed it down the toilet and don't recall ever talking about it to anyone else."

But another person Giusto confided in did talk. As The Oregonian first reported in June, Fred Leonhardt, Goldschmidt's gubernatorial speechwriter, says Giusto told him in the summer or fall of 1989. As the man who wrote Goldschmidt's famous "Children's Agenda" speech and who often traveled with the governor to children's events, Leonhardt found Giusto's news particularly disturbing, although he wasn't sure he believed it.


This can be found at Willamete Week's  http://www.wweek.com/story.php?story=5833&page=2

And you know Mr Giusto there is more about you in the public records. Just depends on who wants to dig it up and publish it. And trust me not all the police officers and TriMet drivers support your thoughts.
i can imagine it now 15.Apr.2005 17:32


two terrorists, discussing their plans:

terrorist #1: ok, let's see, our wills have been prepared, we have $1000 worth of black-market dynamite and you just scored some primers for $95.

terrorist #2: yeah, hear they are. uh-oh, wait, big problem!

#1: what?!?

#2: i forgot, the bus is no longer free, we now have to pay $1.40 to board on the suicide mission.

#1: how will we ever afford that?

#2: guess we have to call it off, then.

#1: curses, foiled again!


Re i can imagine it now 15.Apr.2005 18:21

ich bein Portlander

You forgot the best part.

Both terrorists look up in the air waving fists and saying in unison "Dam you, Bernie Giusto! You and your Homeland Security!"

... 16.Apr.2005 21:51


Who VOTES for people like this?

Do they really BELIEVE nonsense like this?

Or are they trying to scam some kind of RETARDED VOTER CONSTITUENCY?

Bernie Giusto 03.Mar.2006 23:12

Don DuPay dupay05@yahoo.com

Bernie Giusto is an enabler. He tossed his integrity when he said nothing about Neal's raping of a minor girl.

Nothing he says has any validity. Voters want integrety and honesty and compassion. Bernie has none of what the voters deserve.