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Yes, It Make A Difference! Boycott the Starbucks-sponsored "Emerging Student Leaders Conference" at PSU

Yesterday I discovered that Portland State University is having its 3rd annual "emerging student leaders conference" sponsored by Starbucks at 9:30 am, April 16th at the Smith Memorial Student Union Ballroom. On the full color, 11x 17 inch, laminated poster, under the list of sponsors, the sponsor name of Starbucks preceded the name of "The Student Affairs Dean of Student office" and the "Student Orientation Programs." Is this the way that PSU is orientating new students? By teaching them to accept 'emerging student leadership' sponsorships from the world's worst multinational corporations?

The conference is ironically titled, from a quote by Malcom Gladwell from his new book: "How Little Things Make A Difference." When you type in "Malcolm Gladwell" and the word "starbucks" into google the first thing that comes up is a review which describes how Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book full of praise for the business practices of Starbucks.

Your actions do make a difference! Boycott the Starbucks emerging Student Leaders conference and attend a different event on the same day that makes a real difference!
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