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Klamath River Public Lands Old-growth Logging Resumes

Trees older than our country are currently being logged again in the Scott and Salmon Watersheds of the Klamath National Forest. Following a two-year lull in which environmentalists had successfully stopped old-growth logging in the Klamath, and in which the Forest Service had begun to focus less-controversial small diameter thinning projects, ancient forests are once again being logged at the 2,640-acre Jack Timber Sale.

"The Forest Service is not only ignoring scientist that say old-grwoth logging must stop in the Klamath River to save salmon, but they are cutting old growth next to the Scott and Salmon Rivers and on Russian Wilderness trailheads and are saying they cutting are small trees." said Regina Chichizola with the Klamath Forest Aliance.

Following the massive salmon die-off in the Klamath in 2002 due to reduced river flows and high water temperatures, resistance to Forest Service old-growth logging in critical habitat for salmon has greatly increased.

[ Klamath Forest Alliance ]

endangered tree in klamath nat'l forest
endangered tree in klamath nat'l forest