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Victoria's Dirty Secret exposed in Bellingham WA

A groups of lively protesters entered the Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham WA yesterday to raise awareness around Victoria Secret's contribution to forest destruction.
"It was a short lived but lively protest at the mall today" says Missy Hope and Bellingham resident who left work to participate. "It is so important that Victoria Secret knows that we are opposed to their role in endangered forest destruction and that we will continue to act out until they commit to using 50% post consumer content in their catalogs." The group was dressed in flashy lingerie when they delivered a letter to the manager stating that "89% of Americans want companies to be socially responsible." Carrying a banner reading "Catalogs = Clearcuts" and singing songs drew not only the attention of in store shoppers and passersby, but also the security guards that quickly escorted the group out of the mall.

"I was very pleased with the action today" stated an anonymous local resident "we were in solidarity with 100 other cities staging protests today and it feels great to be a part of a larger campaign that once completed, will save thousands of acres of forests from being clear cut."

To get involved with this campain go to: www.VictoriasDirtySecret.net and www.forestethics.org

homepage: homepage: http://www.VictoriasDirtySecret.net www.forestethics.org

great work, y'all! 15.Apr.2005 11:41

regular reader

and thanks for the post here to pdx indymedia!

Sexism of VS 15.Apr.2005 11:45

Sisters' Keepers

The billionaire owner of Victoria's Secret (an Ohio resident) is also responsible
for lowering broadcast standards.. many are offended by the pornography
and sexism of VS ads.