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loss of fareless square?

Are we going to lose the fareless square benefit?
I just saw on corp media that Guisto is wanting to end fareless square for "security". What is up with that? He seemed to indicate that he needed a reason and a way to stop and question 'troublesome' persons and that fareless square options made that invasion of civil rights difficult. What?
"giusto" is... 14.Apr.2005 18:17


...Multnomah County Sheriff, for those who don't know. (i didn't, when i read the above post.)


which says:

Bernie Giusto became Gresham's Police Chief on August 1, 1996. On May 21, 2002, Chief Guisto was elected Multnomah County Sheriff and he took office on January 2, 2003.

Before joining the Gresham Police Department, he was employed by the Oregon State Police for 22 years. In his most recent position, he served as Public Education Officer, Member of the Superintendent's Executive Staff, Policy and Political Advisor to the Superintendent, 1996 Superintendent's designee, and member of the Governor's Drug and Violent Crime Board. Since 1974, Sheriff Giusto worked in a variety of capacities including Trooper, Sergeant in Charge of the Planning and Research Unit, District Training Officer for the Northwestern Oregon State Police Operations, Governor's Security and Lieutenant for the Emergency Regional Dispatch Center while employed by the Oregon State Police.

In 1998, Governor Kitzhaber appointed Chief Guisto to the Tri-Met Board of Directors. He served on the Gresham City Council from 1989 to 1995 and was Council President for two years. While still a Chief, Sheriff Giusto also served as Council Liaison to the Sewer, Water and Solid Waste Citizen Advisory Committees. He was a member on the Metropolitan Human Rights Commission and the Minority Youth Concerns Action Program Board of Directors. Sheriff Giusto's many other community involvement activities include serving on the Multnomah County Commmission on Children and Families since 1993, Multnomah County Public Safety Coordinating Council since 1995, Regional Drug Initiative (RDI)/Gresham Area Prevention Partnership (GAPP), East County Community Caring, and Gresham's Progress Board. He served on the Board of Directors of the Oregon Association of Chiefs of Police from 2000-2001. He is a member of the Computer Crimes Task Force recently established by the Oregon State Attorney General.

Bernie holds degrees in Political Science, and Urban and Regional Government from Willamette University. He also served in the United States Air Force Reserve and the Oregon National Guard.

according to KOIN 14.Apr.2005 18:23

corporate media=icky

"There are also Homeland Security concerns. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office says asking for proof of fare is the easiest way to engage suspicious people riding mass transit."

(click the above at your own risk; corporate media has been provent to be bad for healthy mental processes and formation of realistic perceptions of the world. and there's a bunch of stupid adverts, too.)

this is terrible news that's being hawked on corporate media 14.Apr.2005 18:24

the what's up guy

why would Barnie "the banger" Guisto be saying such silliness?

Don't make sense...he's being paid off by "someone" to come up with silly excuse!

WE THE PEOPLE need to fight 'em on this and beat 'em back to forgetting it!

Mission Impossible 14.Apr.2005 22:13


Collecting fares on MAX downtown would be impossible. There are so many riders and so many stops close together, the authorities would have to either set up fences and turnstills or else hire a hundred more fare collectors. Rush hour will always be free, because there's more of us than there are of them.

BLOW BACK 14.Apr.2005 22:23

Single occupant SUV driver with cell phone & Starbucks latte

If all you little Eichmanns wearing your digital brown shirts would drive big a$$ ga$ guzzlin' $UV's or Hummer$ instead of riding the MAX then BU$H and his friends can make more money. Don't you get it? You Portlanders who are encouraging the use of mass transit, bicycles and pedestrian movement are letting the terrorists win. Shame on you! A "FARELESS" square only encourages and blatantly promotes public awareness of transit service and reduces auto congestion on the transportation network in and around downtown while improving air quality and mobility for those with limited transportation options. The next time you take a ride on the Max and the new Transportation Gestapo or TG asks you for your papers I hope you freeloading MFers have to salute Bu$h and Cheney!

Portlander who rides in FAIRless Square = Terrorist



or terrorists try to ride for free!

Guisto - Go East 15.Apr.2005 09:07

Elaine M

Giusto sorely needs to depart our fair city ala Chief Moose.
Maybe Moose needs an assistant in Montgomery County, MD

I nominate Giusto!

wont work 15.Apr.2005 14:36

bad idea

better yet let him run off to another country with whats his name ...Kroker

the 3rd world subjugator 17.Apr.2005 13:37


what is the word with Kroker lately? anyone have any news?