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NPR "news"?

Sometimes NPR isn't so bad, maybe almost pretty good . . . sometimes. But other times, like today, NPR covered two stories with a definite pro-Bush slant, just to make sure that no one would doubt that its reporting is "balanced"! Especially wouldn't want to step on the toes of any of its corporate or "non-profit" foundation supporters!
1. "Politics of the Weak Dollar" (first in a three-part series). The falling dollar was covered from the point of view, in a quote repeated twice and told as though from a neutral expert, that the Bush administration's responsibility for the fast-approaching dollar crisis is limited to a policy of "benign neglect." No mention of the role played by the egregious deficits under Bush, propelled primarily by the Iraq war and Bush's insistence upon cutting taxes for the rich. Compare NPR's coverage with a more balanced report by the Christian Science Monitor -- not a Democratic, and far less leftist, news source. Here are excerpts from a report as of late last November:
The dollar is now down 50 percent against the euro since October 2000, and hit a its lowest level since 1995 against a basket of foreign currencies last week.

Up to now, the White House has let the Treasury deal with the dipping dollar. In comments to the press in London, Treasury Secretary John Snow threw cold water on any move to join the Europeans in managing the dollar's fall.

"The history of efforts to impose nonmarket valuations on currencies is at best unrewarding and checkered," he said.

Decades ago, such an attitude was labeled "benign neglect."


Note the last sentence -- << Decades ago, such an attitude was labeled "benign neglect." >> Well, that's NPR for you -- up to the minute, except by a few decades! Oh well, maybe tomorrow or the next day, the three-part series will get us at least into the current century.


2. "Senate GOP Attempts Compromise on Estate Tax". The latest Republican effort to shift attention away from its two failures -- Social Security and the Schiavo affair -- is a renewed push to do away forever with any estate tax. NPR quoted in a favorable light Republicans in congress talking about how what they call the "death tax" -- already trimmed to a shadow of its former self -- needs to be completely done away with! A lot of air-time was given to talk about how the "death tax" is ruinous to mom-and-pop outfits and family farms. What the Republicans and NPR don't want to talk about is that the old (pre-Bush) system of inheritance taxes already protected mom-and-pop outfits such as family farms. Like, it didn't even kick in until after $1,000,000.

See, related story -- "How about taxing the RECIPIENTS of estates?"


Context of "benign neglect" 13.Apr.2005 18:40

Progressive Democrat

Actually, (I want to be balanced about this), NPR actually promoted the phrase "this side of benign neglect" -- what side "this side" might be, I couldn't say. Especially since NPR is so "balanced", the phrase could not possibly have meant "the NPR side" -- they don't have a side, right? Would "this side of benign neglect" have meant the cautious side of benign neglect? Not if we're talking about the Bush administration. So, would it have meant the insane fucked up side of "benign neglect" ? ? If so, what's benign about it?

Probably wise to stick with KBOO.

NPR really, really B-L-O-W-S ! ! ! 13.Apr.2005 20:57


I am SO HAPPY that this posting on NPR has showed up on ye olde Portland Indy. You got me started! NPR sucks ass, bigtime. Did you know that they have military psy-ops editing their Iraq war coverage? They did in Persian Gulf War I and probably do in Gulf War II. Further: are you familiar with the radio show FAIR's "Counter Spin" with Laura Flanders? Their radio show's theme is exposing "bias" in media reporting--be it Fox, NPR, CBS--or anybody else. NPR is ALWAYS in their crosshairs! Always caught "spinning" news with a cherrypicked slant ever more to the right, NPR is in truth very poor quality news reporting for the most part, and FAIR has busted them on many occasions for cherrypicking the facts, and having waaaay MORE conservative or corporate viewpoints expressed than left leaning ones consistently over the years on any given news story broadcast. To be honest, I hate NPR more than FOX. Why? Because NPR postures and markets itself as the "public radio", e.g as an alternative to commercial news sources such as FOX, NBC etc. even though they are anything but. Did you know that Mara Liason works both at FOX and at NPR?

Even more egregious is NPR's partnering with the National Association of Broadcasters (Clearchannel, et al) to FIGHT low wattage community radio! I could not believe they did that! I really don't know how NPR could defend such an egregious and anti-community policy such as this, they standing alone with the NAB, along with former FCC chairman Michael Powell against millions of Americans nationwide who want low-wattage radio. It's really inexcusable and quite anti-democratic. I guess NPR would prefer local commuity programming voices be shut up--and only your voice heard.

NPR is very, very good at fooling well-intentioned liberal types. Oftentimes, after I explain NPR's revolting position on low-wattage community radio the person I explain it to is crestfallen. I mean, they are bummed out! They just can't believe warm and fuzzy NPR is screwing over low wattage radio every chance it gets: "No! Not my NPR! I thought it was telling me the truth!" I then go on to explain how FAIR has nailed you numerous times for slanting your banter more and more to the right, with ever more right wing think-tank pundits or interviewees. Or how you use military psy-ops to help manufacture your "news" on Iraq. Finally, I go on to advise them of better and more accurate news sources. After all, I feel so sorry for them having to endure the shit you pass off as news!

NPR is SO AWFUL. How anybody with a brain actually listens to their rubbish to get a handle on world events--I don't know if I should laugh or cry!


Agreed 13.Apr.2005 21:23

Den Mark, Vancouver

I stopped contributing, or even listening much, to NPR in 2000, because their coverage of candidates was exactly the same as commercial media, that is, as if there were only two parties. When covered at all, third parties were treated as side shows. If NPR cannot contain within its mission, coverage of third parties, then their mission has no value. Plus, i cannot give as much money as Archer-Daniels-Midland, so i don't matter. Now, only KBPS & KBOO get my money, & my ear. Btw, KBOO is nearing the end of its pledge drive & could use support: 503-232-8818 or 877-500-5266.

o please 13.Apr.2005 21:34

c m schaefer

I remember the Diane Rehm show (I don't know if it plays here- I was in DC at the time) right after Reagan died- she has this call in show and she had some guests on all talking about what a lot of marvelous (by their revisionist accounts) changes he wrought. A guy called in who'd been a flight controller- untill Reagan fired them all when they tried to strike- he was not let to express his views ("we're not here to discuss that- we're here to talk about his record"....um, what?) A similar response was given to the guy they cut off who called in to mention the recession. For about a week after his death, they could easily have changed their name to National President Reagan.

She also jumped in to defend Monstanto (one of their sponsers- I mean, underwriters), and NPR in general stopped reporting on the anti-trust suits being brought by the American Booksellers' Association in the late 1990's, early 200s when Barnes and Noble started underwriting their story hour thing with Daniel Pinkwater.

Their coverage of many things has fallen off since they started taking corporate monies. They have also become very cloying in their coverage of sports, (which they used to just not cover at all) and their coverage of already quite famous boomer-era musicians. They have long since turned themselves into an irrelevant "Talk Light" entity.

Do Not Give Them Your Money Untill they stop taking Monsato's/ADM's and etc!!!

NPR Is Corporate Media 13.Apr.2005 22:09

Not A Listener

Liberals, like the knuckleheads one finds on NPR, are just conservatives with bad consciences. Has anyone ever heard a disparaging word about apartheid Israel from the NPR gang? I doubt it.

christian science monitor 13.Apr.2005 22:14

marlon brando with his head in his hands

By American standards, the CSM is a leftist publication. The horror, the horror.

I would shut NPR down: started out public, now it's totally corporate 14.Apr.2005 06:37


Was with a friend in the car. She was listening to NPR. NPR was telling us how stupid we consumers were to worry about anything concerning cloned cattle. Talk about totally biased: NPR had an "interview" (sales pitch) from the dairy farmer who wanted it, telling the public "nope, totally safe" (WTF does he know or care about it? his comments were totally non-sequitur to me and should have been cut out), and a scientist that had tested 6 cows (2 died, he said, so he "only tested four!"), how stupid everyone is for not towing the corporate line. They did have a "consumer organization" on there, though it's name sounded like some PR front. Anyway, I DON'T KNOW ANY CONSUMERS who have the money to set up a special organization that corporate funded NPR comes to quote.

1. There was NO DISCUSSION AT ALL about long term issues. The scientist paraded to the public said he tested "only four cows...for one year" found nothing odd in the milk, he said. ONE YEAR? What about health effects that take longer than a year? Nothing said.

2. Personally, NPR did not ask why two of the cloned cattle died. BAD JOURNALISM.

3. There was no discussion about the succeptibility of disease to monocropped cattle, and how that would lead to expanding antibiotics in the milk. BAD JOURNALISM. There was no discussion of the shortened lifespan of cloned cattle, or their greater disease succeptibility.

4. There was no discussion of ALTERNATIVE STRATEGIES. One strategy was put in front of you and the pro people with all the 'anti-' people who were made to sound totally irrational. A real journalist would inform the public of wider issues: there was no discussion of issues like the Slow Food Movement, which are finding ways to support both economies and ecologies simultaneously, or how cloned cattle would only serve supply-sided scale issues and lead to a reduction of genetic variability in cattle.

All in all, listening only for 5 minutes only provided me with fresh impetus why I turned it off years ago: NPR's idea of news is totally corproate PR shilling. Do they really expect people to think that testing "four cattle...for only one year" is a sound methodology for testing such issues or when you leave out all the other connected issues above you have done anything except cripple the capacity for thought?

So, for all you NPR people who work there who get handed this link: you really really suck and we all know it. And I am happy to tell you this and happy you know it.


NPR is the good Cop 14.Apr.2005 06:45

No to NPR

An example of NPR views was on the IRAQ war. No questioning the most idiotic logic used for its pretext.

How about serious analysis of 9/11 and all the magical coincidences that happened to occur while goat boy is sitting on his hinny with norad.

Other telling example is the legitimacy and support NPR gives to idiot court decisions, senate and congressional hearings.

Its an unfortunate use of good people. So support kboo and local broadcast.

Democracy Now! on JPR 14.Apr.2005 08:22

Fair and Balanced

Here in Southern Oregon we have a GROWING CAMPAIGN to pressure Jefferson Public Radio (JPR)to air Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! JPR if you didn't know is the Largest (geographical) NPR affiliate in the United States. (eugene to mendocino)

NPR has stolen the "p" out of public. National Public Radio is beholden to corporate interests and have lost their mission.

Here is Rogue Indy story about The Campaign For Democracy Now!

And here is the Campaign Web Page

well, Amy is a bit better, but she's no Ralph Shoenman or Mya Shone 14.Apr.2005 09:16


And she keeps calling the chimp PRESIDENT(!) and the gate keeping is less obvious.
But it's there, alright. Much teeth grinding at times.
Pacifica has two programs I do Listen to with intent fasination.
Taking Aim normally on at 2:00 PST on tuesdays @
on Pacifica's WBAI

or at their archives

Guns and Butter on KPFA wendays 2:00 PST @
 link to www.kpfa.org

NPR's President is a government shill, what do you expect? 14.Apr.2005 10:53

Tinfoil Hat Man

From NPR's own web page biography. Kevin Klose is the current president of NPR.
"Prior to joining NPR in December 1998, Klose served successively as Director of U.S. International Broadcasting, overseeing the U.S. Government's global radio and television news services (1997-98); and President of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL), broadcasting to Central Europe and the former Soviet Union (1994-97). Klose first joined RFE/RL in 1992 as Director of Radio Liberty, broadcasting to the former Soviet Union in its national languages.

As RFE/RL President, Klose radically downsized RFE/RL and moved it from Munich, Germany, to Prague, the Czech Republic. He also helped devise and implement a strategy to coordinate all U.S.-funded international broadcasting (Voice of America, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio Free Asia, Radio/TV Marti, Worldnet Television) to save money, refocus the mission, and modernize operations in the post-Cold War. "

McRadio 14.Apr.2005 15:21


I overheard a radio piece on NCR (National Corporate Radio) about McDonald$ ... whatever they were trying to do it sounded like a promotion for the McD's.....the guy they had on from the Corp just gave his party line and the host didn't even try to rebutt.

NPR is long dead.

and now a piece about Genetically Modified Foods......brought to you by.... ADM, supermarket to the world....and monsanto

NPR has been irrelevant for ears 14.Apr.2005 19:37


I was gullible enough to contribute to my state affiliate for several years. About ten years ago, I recieved the monthly programing guide for contributors; the last page consisted solely of a large Nike swoosh. I decided it was time to sever my ties with NPR

National Petroleum Radio 14.Apr.2005 20:38


I overheard someone refer to it as Old People's Radio (the guy who said it was about 50!). They have the same habit as the Boregonian of quoting some source but not identifying the organization, which is often a neocon think tank or fake citizens' group.

NPR-National Pope Radio 15.Apr.2005 09:21

Community radio-KBOO & Portland Indymedia web radio

The last few weeks I thought NPR had been taken over by the Vatican.I think they were using subtle mind control with the amount of times they had stories on the pope. But then I realized they were setting us for the big surprise. The next next Pope is going to be,your guessed it,His Holiness,Pope George W Bush...Support community radio not corporate owned radio

. 15.Apr.2005 09:44


"NPR is very, very good at fooling well-intentioned liberal types."

That is only because well-intentioned liberal types want to be fooled. NPR is blatantly corporate and owned and they do not make effort to hide it.

Love this post 15.Apr.2005 14:55


I have never liked NPR, and when I do listen in, I become quite ill. Like one person said above, he would rather listen to Fox. Like the NY Times, it's what they don't cover that's the problem. These media sources want to be seen as "liberal", but they are, in fact, blindfolded to real news. Their coverage of the first Gulf War was abominable. Add National Pentagon Radio and National Propaganda Radio to your list, and if there was a "Z" in their call letters, National Zionist Radio. The only shows on NPR that are of any interest are those of a totally non political slant, and even some of them are annoying.

National Pentagon radio 15.Apr.2005 15:30

GreenPartyMike in Minnesota

That's right folks,
Welcome to NPR
National Pentagon Radio
Where the news, views and perspectives of the growing peace and justice community will be shut out.

In the lead up to the war, we in NPR will have a "debate" on the possibility of war.
Here, we have a Pentagon General describing why we need to start bombing Iraq now.

Representing the other perspective we have another military professional telling us why we should get UN authority (by arm twisting and bribing if needed) before we start bombing.

NPR, where journalistic integrity is about at the level of the other corporate media outlets.

Just as an aside, here in Minnesota we have a group of about six independent, non-corporate radio stations that have banded together. KFAI is the best and airs Democracy Now twice daily.

They advertise themselves as IPR, Independent Public Radio, the "other' public radio network.

Minnesota MPR producer, Bill Kling probably fumes at that one..LOLOL