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NYC prosecutors caught altering video in RNC protest case

Portlanders have already seen this story unfold in their city. The arrest of law-abiding citizens, the police lying in court only to be contradicted by video shot by independent reporters, and the arduous task of holding the city accountable. However, there is one new twist in the prosecution of cases of those arrested during the RNC: the prosecution has been caught altering the police video submitted to the court by removing segments showing the innocence of the arrestee, only to be caught when an unaltered video was submitted by the defense.
Most of what is happening in New York City is nothing new to many Portlanders. The police arrest lawful protestors, lie about the circumstances in court, then get caught when video evidence is presented showing a different story than the one being told. Such is the case of Dennis Kyne who was arrested and charged with inciting a riot and resisting arrest during the RNC protests. When video of the arrest was shown, not only did it contract the statements of the arresting officer it also showed that the arresting officer was not even present for the arrests of Mr Kyne and 4 other protesters he had apparently arrested.

However, in what may be seen as an escalation of false testimony and evidence against those engaged in lawful protest (or even those merely in the vicinity of protests) by police and prosecutors, the prosecution of Alexander Dunlop was caught submitting altered video tape in their case against him. They removed segments showing his innocence and when a complete video was found and entered into evidence immediately dropped the charges and claimed that their video had been cut "by mistake". One has to wonder how many other mistakes have not been caught? One could further speculate at this admission by the prosecution who normally like to portray the criminal justice system as infallible. I suppose "we made a mistake" sounds better than "we altered evidence in an attempt convict an innocent citizen".

Currently, 91% of the cases involving protests at the RNC have been dropped. Over 400 cases have been dropped due to video evidence often gathered by independent videographers. The video camera has become an effective weapon against the tactics of false arrests and perjury employed by the police. People should feel empowered by their ability to promote justice across the country by providing a means of transparency and accountability that is sorely lacking in our governments these days. One tip to those who wish to engage in video journalism is to make sure and film the peaceful behavior of protests. In a culture of sensationalized "violence", often shamelessly promoted by the corporate media, it is important to retrain one's eye to capture the multitude of events and action, not just the police brutality, also known as "riot porn".

The next step for RNC litigation is predicable. Those who were falsely arrested and attacked by the police will mount suits against the city. Perhaps there will be 1 class action suit. This lawsuit will take at least a year or 2 until the city settles, probably for several million dollars. At that point, it will be up to the people of New York City to decide how to hold the mayor accountable for wasting their tax-dollars for the benefit of wealthy republican politicians, lobbyists, and delegates. Given the sentiment of New Yorkers to the RNC I'd bet they're not going to like seeing their taxes wasted and their city financially strapped, or perhaps even bankrupted. I wish them luck in holding their city officials accountable.

other commentary about police testalying and the nytimes story 13.Apr.2005 19:26


Better Late Than Never: The Times Catches Up With Post RNC Fallout (Apr 12, 2005)

More than four months after NYC Indymedia first broke the story of possible perjury by NYPD Officer Matthew Wohl in the case of RNC arrestee Dennis Kyne, as well as the role played by video activists in the dismissal of many charges stemming from the RNC, the New York Times released a front page story largely confirming many of the allegations.



Manhattan DA Launches Investigation Into "False RNC Testimony" (Jan 3, 2005)

In the first jury trial stemming from the mass arrests at the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City, video and photographic evidence showed that police testimony in the case appeared to have been entirely fabricated. Judge Gerald Harris granted a motion to dismiss all charges against Dennis Kyne on December 16th, 2004, after the defendant's attorneys produced the evidence contradicting statements made by NYPD officer Matthew Wohl while under oath.



NY State drops charges against Josh Banno, RNC dragon arrestee (Apr 13, 2005)

At 7pm EST, NY State District Attorny Robert Ferrari announced he would drop all charges against Josh Banno who was wrongfully arrested during the RNC. Ferrari called Banno's NLG laywer to say that he planned to drop all charges. Banno was wrongfully arrested in connection to the "green dragon fire" that occurred in front of Madison Square Garden during the 1/2 million person march on August 29. Banno was initially held on a $200,000 bail and charged with 7 felonies, which were eventually dropped to 4 felonies. Banno was scheduled to go to trial April 19, after several delays initiated by Ferrari.



these are all about the recent nytimes article (which, as usual, is way behind the indy coverage, and expresses a surprising amount of, well, surprise):



All Charges Dismissed Against IWW Organizer Daniel Gross


Following the RNC the police have also cracked down on critical mass:


You think maybe someone should give the citizens and city of New York a heads up about what happened when that was tried here in Portland?

seen it 13.Apr.2005 20:08


I have in my possesion a videotape of the November 3rd post sElection protest. I was arrested and brutalized so bad I couldn't take full breathes of air for 2 weeks, I could not complete all of the duties of my job. Anyways, I was charged with a bunch of "crimes", and after half a dozen attempts to get the DA and the city attorney to provide my attorney and I with the tapes of the Portland Police of the protest(knowing that if it had myself, and I'm sure most of the other protestors would surley be exonerated of our charges), well it took over 2 months for them to provide the tape
- first, the Assistant District Attorney denied the existance of the tape, until I showed her the digital photo's I had taken before my arrest of the officer with the camera at the protest.
- Second, the ADA refused to provide us with the tape.
- We compeled the state to provide the tape or be charged with contempt
- The ADA (the state) pled ignorance to beaucratic structure. "We can not get the police to provide it."
- At this point we were about to charge the city attorney and the DA's office with contempt, they finally provided it.

The tape had been signifigantly altered, or just turned off whenever an arrest was made. I suspect that it had previously shown much more, It was just too conveniant the manner in which the tape was presented, always shut off during an actual arrest, only showing how fucking angry we all had been for the injustice had been done. Given the amount of time that had been delayed it wouldn't surpise me if it had been a tactical manuever to delay the release and insure a manipulatation of the tape's content.

I'm going to see about releasing the tape after I have it in a digital format. You would have to see it to understand how contrived and convenient it all seems.

crooked cops? 13.Apr.2005 21:57

in new york? really?

It's not surprising that the courts and the police themselves can manage to keep up the pretense that the Bullies in Blue are the most trustworthy eyewitnesses in the world ... but the fidelity with which the MSM keeps the faith, no matter how many examples of through-the-teeth lying by authorities with obvious conflicts of interest -- in this case justifying arrests by retroactively contriving rationales on a case by case basis.

Particularly odious is their practice of taking their most badly beaten victims and charging them with even huger fake crimes. Won't risk getting nailed for "excessive force" if the guy REALLY DESERVED it, right?

NEVER trust a cop 14.Apr.2005 10:20


Here in this town, there was a bully in blue who regularly beat his arrestees. Of course, the courts ignored all the complaints and believed the bully in blue and his fellow bullies because they were "sworn police officers. " One night some of those who had encountered the bullies met this one bully at his house and returned the favor with interest. It is amazing how quickly the bullies in blue quieted down and stopped mistreating people. (seperate side issue)What really galls me is that if I lie to a cop it is a chargeable offense, but if he lies to me, it is "good police work".

The Uniform and Badge doesn't make the man. 14.Apr.2005 11:21

Nemesis Nemesis

It should come as no surprise that it has come to this. No proper investigation for 911, no investigation for the BS WMD War on Iraq and Afganistan. Now they're desperate to silence the masses who are legaly allowed to protest and assemble peacefully by false incarseration and false prosecution.

I can assure you Not all police officers stand for this. There are some of us who know whats going on and are doing something about it as we speak.

We took an oath to protect and serve the people and the constitution.

Its a scare tactic.

Keep the faith

(Nemesis Nemesis)

Martial Law 14.Apr.2005 12:11


check out Alex Jones new video "Martial Law" filmed at the RNC! at:
as well as:
police state 2
9-11 road to tyranny
this has been going on and escalating for years.

Political Bullies at Work 14.Apr.2005 16:05

Nemo Generique

Once again, the extreme right, aka the GOP, has been caught guilty as sin, running the innocent down under the wheels of their power just like the aristocracy of old Europe because nobody can stand up against them. All the while, mainstream media stands agog on the sidelines and pees in their collective pants. Instead of reprising the part of Quisling, our nations media should instead be David to the facsist Goliath that is tearing our nation apart for the sake of profit and power. I'm ashamed to have ever worked in media. These are truly dark times in the history of our once wonderful country. Now, we are the bad guy. Nazi Germany and Soviet Union politics have replaced the freedoms we once believed to be our God given rights. Does anyone have the balls to say, ENOUGH!

Fascist manipulating PIGS run this country !!! 14.Apr.2005 16:11

manolo otero jr. 4manny@bellsouth.net

make the list up of who will be held accountable,And the IDIOT in the WHitE hoUSE, doesn't have intelligance on this but somehow he and his idiot backers get info. about other countries having weapons of mass destruction !! ? OH but wait they made a mistake about that !! The idiots !! and stories about foriegn gov'ts abussing their citizens !! but our DIRTY TRICKS DEPT. had a hand with that in aiding those tyrannical gov'ts, well our intelligence dept. are a bunch of idiot lying losers, that I never backed or would back !! oh WAIT i KNOW WHERE THOSE WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION ARE !!! They're made here and stocked here or by our puppet allies for the elite class of our counry, those arrogant ,snobbish,crooks..make the list up of the dirt bags aiding and running these policies, ie. prosecuters, gov't backers, police,etc. I'm glad to say i'm of spanish decendency!! for their denouncement of past spanish gov't's aid to that fool in the white house, but the spanish gov't would not be to happy at all with my folks,they are like a mirror of FRANCO fascism supporters,they see it as that's the way (period) and have caused much static in arguments with me on things relative to this, the new spanish gov't would deal with them , i'm sure swiftly.. In my final reply sentence I have to remind you not to ever let your guard down for a second ,for they're somewhere hawking and stalking ,manipulating .

Why the blame lies in Washington for the actions of the local police 14.Apr.2005 18:44

Tired of the Noise Tired_of_the_Noise1@yahoo.com

Republicans love to ask why the Bush Administration and their supporters on the Hill should be blamed for the actions of local police handling security during political events such as the conventions, Bush's "public meetings" promoting social security, etc., or even just Bush or Cheney's motorcade traveling through a town.

Tom Delay summed it up quite well while making his "apology" for his comments about the judges involved in the Terry Schiavo case. ( DeLay did express regret for saying, after the death of Schiavo, that the judges who refused to reinsert the brain-damaged woman's feeding tube would one day "answer for their behavior."... "I said something in an inartful way. I am sorry I said it that way," DeLay said.) Inartful?? Some apology, eh?

He said: "We've got jurisdiction over the courts. We set up the courts, and we can unset the courts," DeLay said. "We have the power of the purse."

If that doesn't explain political corruption and intimidation in a nutshell, I don't know what does!! "We have the power of the purse."

Well, I have news for Mr. Delay and the rest of our elected officials. WE THE PEOPLE have the power of the purse!! It's time for all Americans to stand up and say "WE have the power of the vote, and we will use it to replace your ass if you don't start representing us!!"

File Civil RICO lawsuits 14.Apr.2005 19:05


File Civil RICO lawsuits against the city, police and prosecuters. Then ask the state bar to disbar prosecuters who have become criminals.


Take action now 14.Apr.2005 22:44

Chris christo51@hotmail.com

If all American can stand up and take stock of President George Bush action. Then not only American but the whole world a safer place. All this action by the Police, Public Prosecutor and like wise Public Servant are by way approve by President George Bush. If President George Bush can ignore UN, and goes to war with Iraq and Human Right abuse without a second thought. What sort of example is President George Bush set for the Public Servant he lead? If he can get away with it and with more than half the population of US of A still approve to vote for him for another term. So don't you think people of US of A deserve what you get. So I can only feel sorry for those who vote against. I can only say that people of US of A please wake up, take action and impeach him. That is only way you can rewrite history that you the people take action to correct a wrong that causes the whole world in turmoil.

History Lesson 15.Apr.2005 10:08


If History repeats it self do you think the animals hear it in the woods?


September 11 Research 15.Apr.2005 10:28

FDNY Aux Lt Fireman I have something which Paul Isaac Jr

I have some research material whici might be of interest to other investigators. There was a connection between Controlled Demolition Inc and the Guiliani Administration prior to 911. Before 911 there was a controlled deo\mlition on July 15, 2001 of the Keyspan Energy Holder Tanks which were aprox. 400ft tall. They consisted of two tanks. Anyone doing research on this matter should look it up at google and you'll notice the simular destrution between this demolition and the Collapes of the World trade Center. Something else is a Y2K pamphlet put out by the City of NY which has a mysterious shadow on the north Tower which is impossible. If the Sun rises in the East and Sets in the West How can a shadow be cast south from the Woolworth Building which is northeast of the complex. My theory is a picture says a thousand words and this picture which is computer generated is a precurser statement for fist the controlled demolition of the tanks and then the towers.

Any Credible investigater who wishes to have an E-Mail copy please send request to me at  Rsqsrvs@Yahoo.com. This is not a gimmick, This information is to be used for Justice for the lost on 911 and to bring the troops home.

I have tried to get So-called credible investigators to look into this case but have not recieved and feed back. You would think that information of this magnitude would have been looked into and investigated but it seems some people with big names are more interested in the lymelight than the light of justice. I wll not go into which web-sites but eventually they will be seen as they portray themselves to be.

GOD Bless Truth And Justice.

Paul Isaac Jr
FDNY Aux Lt Fireman
Aux Fire Corps
Former NYPD Aux Police Officer #12017
NYC Civil Defense

True to the Game

Sorry about typing Error 16.Apr.2005 08:49


Using library computer with 30 Minute time limit, couldn't correct type error in time.

My Apologies.