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April 18th Anti war Rally

Olympia Washington Capital Steps from 11AM to 1PM

Car pooling from Portland, leaving around 8:45
Call to Action for our local leaders :

April 18th 2005 will be a chance for any of you who oppose this illegal war
in Iraq and this illegal war on terror that is stripping our rights from us,
to stand up and be heard. The people of your state are SICK and tired of
the lies being spewed from the white house. We are sick and tired of none
of you making a public out cry to stop this madness. And Madness is what it
is. Killing hundreds of thousands, yes HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS! Children

Soon enough you will all be put to the real test when the federal government
calls for some sort of draft. Your voice could be too late for thousands of
young Americans who need not die in war.

If you have any guts to say what you believe to be right, please come and
speak to your people at lunch on April 18th and let us know we have sane
people working for us, at least at the state level.

I will follow strong leaders who stand for peace and real justice. Just
give me a chance.
Great response 12.Apr.2005 09:10

Joshua Hughes

I sent this to every singal legislator in Washington state and got quite a response. Many of them have now voiced support and dozens of their aides have said they are coming as well.

more info about car pooling? 12.Apr.2005 09:37

regular reader

do you have any location(s) to provide re. the car pooling, or should folks contact you, or what? Thanks!

Contact me 12.Apr.2005 11:02

Joshua Hughes


We have a bus and or a bunch of cars. If you have a car and can take people Please let me know.

i am not able to attend but please have one in portland next 13.Apr.2005 09:40


please and thanks

Love to but 13.Apr.2005 15:06


I think that any rally anywhere is great, but having them in the Capitals is a motivating factor to politicians. The news never gives the right kind of coverage when we protest. So making the reps see with their own eyes will be a nice touch.