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First Love

This is a poem inspired by recent events.
***| - First Love - |***

You used to radiate with hope across your open landscapes I remember
Warm arms extended you welcomed my flesh and I surrendered
You'd captivate my mind telling stories of the streets in your tender times
When people like me found solace in your arms
I woke with child-like wonder no matter where you laid my head
I accepted your meager offerings as if they pleased me the greatest
I walked with pride to be at your side and cheered the heroes that fought to protect us
That girl grew up with Wanton heart & Wistful ways
That change in the wind keeps her children living in poverty
While she fattens her bosom

No longer the beautiful

What was once a land is now scarred, burnt-out ravages of robber barons
Who have only to answer to their investors
What was a dream is now a terrible vision on Television
of innocents slaughtered to keep politicians employed and well paid
our doctors and lawyers now drug dealers and thieves
They watch the action from large homes with thick walls and big screen TV's
They watch foreign people bereave the loss of all loved ones
Crying out for god or someone like him to help them
We betray the dignity our forces once held in foreign nations
Fighting oppression, preaching freedom & independence,
denouncing poverty, hate & reckless life taking
Now it's rape of the soil and take all they've got left

What is the difference, I wonder, between her child and yours?
Our family is different, they carry a cross
Do you think she loved him any less because her god isn't yours?
Because she spoke to him in a distant tongue? Wore foreign clothes?
Breast-fed him from an Arab tit? A child suffering a napalm blast
Is * a child suffering* none-the-less

I Hope You Can't Sleep
I Hope You Can't Rest
I Hope Your Heart Bleeds
Seven Seeds of Unrest

You ARE the terrorist nation

While they wake and see the opportunity that surrounds them
While they walk non-toxic paths through the Forests that they've re-planted
Following your greed always walking after your wars mending the land and her inhabitants
Always following your systems & machines with minds plotting following close behind Dismantling Always
Recreating, re-dreaming, being Uncompromisable about it
Through the very halls that you've erected

We are your children

Seeing all this violence that you've placed before us
Accumulating the Karmic deficit which is all you leave as a hope for our future
What you describe now as glory is
Twenty years down the road sitting at some VFW selling coffee
Or auctioning off what you own to stay well fed and boarded
America, why have you stolen our youth, only to replace it with addiction & depression?
With guns turned to heads, or complete disrespect for all the temples you've desecrated
Even the artifacts of our Mesopotamian past is not worth protecting

Why did you hate me at birth so that
I could only grow to love you in the saddest way?
That I could only hope through a tear that you haven't disappeared
That I can only hope that you burn in more hearts than you've burned

Once the most beautiful, I remember
oh my... 09.Apr.2005 22:16


beautiful, and moving... broke my heart.

This 09.Apr.2005 23:40



Thank you

Thank you 09.Apr.2005 23:44



Touching 10.Apr.2005 12:30


America was never the beautiful, just ask the native people, ask the passenger pigeon, ask the buffalo, ask the black slaves, ask the Salem witches, ask the indentured servant, ask the Japanese internee, ask the arabic enemy combatant, just ask . . .

to the bitter one 10.Apr.2005 15:32

trying to do better

and the cat chased the rat and the farmer ate the cheese-how does it go? Just remember, cheese isn't good for you and neither is bad karma. Don't kill the rats.
what did i just say?

(throw pie)

. 11.Apr.2005 15:31



whoever ya are... 12.Apr.2005 00:36


you're sweet.