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Dirty Fight for Patent Hegemony - Next Round This Week

After years of fighting for a "development round" of talks at the World Intellectual Property Organization that would FAVOR the interests of so called "developing countries", the thus named upcoming "development round" is allready being hijacked by the US delegation and it's 1984 "We Own Your Genes and Music" corporate agenda.
Great write up and introduction with links over at CopyFight  http://www.corante.com/copyfight/archives/2005/04/09/wipo_politics_quantified.php

Check out the word use in this comparative report card of the two dominant proposals for the round, between the US and the "Friends of Development" (Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, Iran, Kenya, Peru, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Tanzania, and Venezuela)

All words: 3,059
Abuse: 0
Access: 3
Access to knowledge: 0
Anticompetitive: 0
Consumer: 0
Doha Declaration on the TRIPS: 0
Education: 6
Exceptions: 0
Human Rights: 0
Limitations: 0
Market failure: 0
Monopoly: 0
Open source: 0
Poverty: 0
Public Health: 0

Friends of Development (14 countries)
All words: 12,040
Abuse: 6
Access: 3
Access to knowledge: 7
Anticompetitive: 4
Consumer: 9
Doha Declaration on the TRIPS: 3
Education: 3
Exceptions: 3
Human Rights: 2
Limitations: 4
Market failure: 0
Monopoly: 6
Open source: 1
Poverty: 1
Public Health: 5

This is only the begining. It's horrible, go check it out.

homepage: homepage: http://www.corante.com/copyfight/archives/2005/04/09/wipo_politics_quantified.php

The naked rule of corporate imperialism . . . 09.Apr.2005 16:46

Progressive Democrat

. . . is like the emperor with no clothes. How insanely preposterous what international corporate power is getting away with these days! This article names it exactly for what it is: the "1984 'We Own Your Genes and Music' corporate agenda"! !

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