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New Nuclear Warheads

The only WMD people need to fear is the
empty warhead sitting in the Oval Office.
The U.S. Congress to review proposal for
new nuclear warhead.

BUSHINGTON, D.C.(Dominion of Cheney) - The Bush administration
has asked the U.S. Congress to approve funding for the research
and development of a new nuclear warhead. The National Nuclear
Security Administration says that this new nuclear weapon could be
ready for deployment within ten years, without conducting tests on
the new warhead. The U.S. government said that the nation's stock-
pile of Cold War era nuclear weapons are not adequate to meet the
challenges facing America in the 21st century.
The U.S. government said that this new nuclear warhead is still a
vision, still in its early stages of development.

A spokesman for the National Nuclear Security Administration said
that the U.S. is looking at better ways to maintain its nuclear weapons
stockpile without the bother of testing these new warheads, adding that
the yields of the current stockpile of nuclear weapons are most likely too
high. These nuclear weapons were designed to attack hard targets in the
Soviet Union during the Cold War, and are not sufficient for "specialized
missions", to destroy buried bunkers and other hidden targets, in today's
war on terror. The Bush cabal said that the nuclear stockpile of today is
not the stockpile America needs tomorrow or 20 years from now.

The NNSA said that the new warheads would be less susceptible
to the problems of aging, which would make it easier to certify
them as safe and reliable, and which would reduce the need for
the U.S. to conduct nuclear testing, and diagnosing or remedying
any reliability problems. The funding for the research and develop-
ment of this new warhead would come from the Reliable Replacement
Warhead program, which the U.S. Congress approved last year.
The RRW program was created for the purpose of determining the
feasibility of replacing parts for the current stockpile of nuclear war-
heads, which are now 30 years old and in the process of being
updated. The funding from the RRW program, as well as the
funding requested in the 2006 budget would be used for determining
the feasibility of replacing the aging nuclear warheads, or "to begin
concept and feasibility studies on replacement warheads or warhead
components that provide comparable military capabilities to
existing warheads" said an NNSA spokesman.

The Bush administration said that the study would result in a
workable program by 2012 to 2015, and the U.S. "would be
able to demonstrate through a small build of warheads that a
reliable replacement warhead can be manufactured and certified
without nuclear testing." The U.S. government also said that the
new warheads would reduce the need to keep nondeployed nuclear
warheads stockpiled for replacement parts for those nuclear missiles
currently deployed.
I can't see it. 09.Apr.2005 18:54


It has to go deep.
Otherwise it will outblow causing huge contamination problems, setting aside the obscenity of the concept of a burrowing H bomb. Then there's them neutrons that just keep going, going, going... Can't even dig deep enough without Hellburton contracts. Bastards.

Hell even a 757 at full speed couldn't git through more n five walls...chuckle

Got an idea... 09.Apr.2005 21:16


If they are willing to deploy a new design without testing -- hmmm.

Couple years ago I saw an ad for phony security camera -- you mount it up on a wall and it is battery powered with a motion detector and a blinking red light designed to make a fellow paranoid. Other than that the thing does nothing.

Listen. This is a great opportunity to make some real dough. Set up a company to make some real sinister looking bomb casings, with lots of blinkinglights, and fill 'em up with sand. They will never know ...