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Please call your senators to save the courts

Hey Everyone, now's the time to call your senators and ask them to oppose the "nuclear option" to eliminate the right to filibuster judicial nominations. MoveOn PAC is working to generate 25,000 calls just today, so your call will combine with mine and thousands of others to make sure we are all heard.
You can reach your senators by calling the national switchboard at:
202-224-3121 (Try to call between 9am and 6pm Eastern Standard Time)
After you call click here to tell MoveOn you called and help us get to 25,000!
I believe this issue is so important because if the "nuclear option" goes through, the majority party in congress will have absolute, unchecked power to appoint judges, including Supreme Court judges, and that's not how our country is supposed to work.

Without the right to filibuster to provide a counter balance, President Bush and the radical Republicans can stack the courts with hard-right, pro-corporate ideologues who will slash all the worker protections, environmental protections, anti-discrimination laws and civil liberties that we treasure.
And to see how they intend to force their ideology on our personal, family decisions, just look at how they meddled in the Schiavo family tragedy. This congress does not recognize any limits on their own power, and that's why we must not let them eliminate the filibuster and pack the courts.
Please call 202-224-3121 and ask for your senators today.
And after you call, make sure you click here so it counts towards the 25,000 total!

homepage: homepage: http://www.moveonpac.org/0408?state=MO

Everyone needed in fight against fascism! 09.Apr.2005 13:39

Progressive Democrat

I have been posting mainly about on-line (e-mail) action, but USE THE PHONE TOO ! ! It all helps to stiffen the backs of those senators who are willing to break with autocratic White House rule of the congress.

If you are against Bush and what he stands for -- PLEASE join the action to support senators in their effort to stop the establishment of a truly imperial presidency that is trying to eliminate completely the voice of the people!

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